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Help people find your church

Church Kit with Free Banner (a $69 value)

Get Your FREE Back to Church Engager Invitations

Download the 2017 Planning Guide

Help people find your church

Church Kit (Free with Compassion Sunday) & Free Banner

Get Your FREE Back to Church Engager Invitations

Download the 2017 Planning Guide

The 2017 Back To Church Sunday Event Kit

An all-new, all-in-one event kit for promoting and hosting a church-changing Back to Church Sunday event. Every resource you need, including:

  • NEW! Eight never-before-seen videos—including two FREE bonus videos and a countdown video (a $100 value)
  • BTCS T-shirt
  • Visitor Gift Book
  • Customizable sermon for the week before Back to Church Sunday
  • Tons of new digital resources, including social media graphics
  • Coupon book—includes over $200 in product savings!

Included in the Event Kit:

* Item not included in Digital Version of the Kit

Gift Book *

Give every visitor this encouraging devotional that includes Scripture applications and questions.
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Coupon Book

ncludes over $200 in savings on BTCS products!

Temporary Tattoos *

These fun tattoos will really get people talking about your event
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Themed T-Shirt *

People will be talking about your church and BTCS when your members wear these t-shirts!
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Wristband *

A great way for your members to start conversations about BTCS
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Digital Resources

Includes customizable sermon, web & social media graphics, and lots of worship service resources


The Back to Church Sunday Event Kit contains both BTCS dated logo and non-dated logo versions, in HD & SD .wmv and .mp4 formats.

A Place to Belong – Invite

(Included in the Kit)

Instant Download – Buy Now

It’s Who We Are – Invite

(Included in the Kit)

Instant Download – Buy Now

It’s Who We Are – Welcome

(Included in the Kit)

Instant Download – Buy Now

Churchpool Karaoke

(Included in the Kit)

Instant Download – Buy Now

A Place to Belong – Worship

(Included in the Kit)

Instant Download – Buy Now

Join the Movement

(Included in the Kit)

Join the Movement – Invite

(Included in the Kit)

Back to Church Countdown

Ready to bring people back to church?

Back to Church Sunday Digital Event Kit: $59.95

Download your kit now! Includes videos, sermon, web and social media graphics , and planning/promotional resources.

Get Your FREE Engager Invitations

Outreach Engager Invitations are a modern-day tract that works as a powerful evangelistic tool designed to start conversations about Jesus and then encourage seekers to take their next step of faith by visiting a special compelling website where they can explore the topic more.

The “Belong” Engager Invitation is based on this year’s Back to Church Sunday theme, A Place to Belong, and explains to readers how God designed the Church to be a place to connect and come to know purpose and experience God’s love. Get 500 free stock Engager Invitations, or get up to 5,000 free custom Engager Invitations when you pay for customization and folding. Even the shipping is free!

Suggested follow up campaign:

Keep your visitors coming back with a 4-week campaign to help people discover the real evidence for the foundation of the Christian faith, Jesus’ death and resurrection! The Case for Christ Movie Experience includes a sermon series and small group study that explores the evidence for Christianity as told in the true story by author and former atheist, Lee Strobel. Save $15 when you order both kits together with the Combo Kit.

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