• Lee Strobel

    Lee Strobel
    Atheistic Journalist-turned-Apologist

  • Lisa Whelchel

    Lisa Whelchel
    Actress, Author; Ministry Founder

  • Josh McDowell

    Michael Hyatt

  • The Panic Squad

    The Panic Squad
    Inspirational Improv Comedy

  • Carlos Oscar

    Carlos Oscar
    Energetic, Charming & Inspirational

  • Ron & Kerri

    Ron & Kerri
    Two Comics Walk Into A Church

  • Bethany Hamilton

    Bethany Hamilton
    Pro Surfer, Inspiration for the Movie "Soul Surfer"

  • Seth Franco

    Seth Franco
    Athlete & Speaker

  • Brian Sumner

    Brian Sumner
    Professional Skateboarder and Passionate Christ Follower

  • Tammy Maltby

    Tammy Maltby
    Author and Women's Speaker

  • Andy Braner

    Andy Braner
    Author, speaker and teen advocate

  • Shawn Harper

    Shawn Harper
    Former NFL Player & Motivational Speaker

  • Justin and Trisha Davis

    Justin and Trisha Davis
    After years of ministry an affair threatened to ruin their marriage

  • Sarah Hill

    Sarah Hill
    Youth Speaker; Mentor to Bethany Hamilton

  • Michael Franzese

    Michael Franzese
    Former Mob Captain of the Colombo Crime Family


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Nick Arnette, Christian Comedian
Nick Arnette
Los Angeles, CA
Willie Brown, Christian Comedian
Willie Brown
Atlanta, GA
John Crist, Christian Comedian
John Crist
Denver, CO
Dana Daniels, Christian Comedian
Dana Daniels
Los Angeles, CA
Ken Davis, Christian Comedian
Ken Davis
Nashville, TN
David Dean, Christian Comedian
David Dean
Fort Wayne, IN
Phil DiTommaso, Christian Comedian
Phil DiTommaso
Orlando, FL
Donna East, Christian Comedian
Donna East
New York, NY
Justin Flom, Christian Comedian
Justin Flom
Las Vegas, NV
Bone Hampton, Christian Comedian
Bone Hampton
Nashville, TN
Ron McGehee, Christian Comedian
Ron McGehee
Los Angeles, CA
Pete McLeod, Christian Comedian
Pete McLeod
Los Angeles, CA
John C. Morgan, Christian Comedian
John C. Morgan
Orlando, FL
Carlos Oscar, Christian Comedian
Carlos Oscar
Los Angeles, CA
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