Ron McGehee

Semi-Finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing 2

Christian + Comedy = Ron McGehee. A semi-finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing, Ron is a clean standup comedian safe for churches and outreach events to all ages.

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Ron is the world’s funniest  “Half Korean, Half Irish”  comedian...Yep a dime a dozen. Born in Flint, Michigan and later raised in Orange, CA after his family succumbed to the "Great Liquor Store Rush" of the early 80's. He has headlined  at such venues as  the Improv Comedy Clubs  and The Comedy Store. He has also produced the first Christian comedy show at top comedy clubs nationwide" Non Toxic Comedy."He was honored to headline Glen Beck's Restoring Love Conference in Dallas with over 40,000 in attendence.

Ron went on to win "Orange County's Funniest Person Contest ". He appeared on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing 2" as a finalist.  He has appeared on Comedy Central, ABC Family, Oxygen Network, Style Network and many more. Ron has also recently been seen on The Joni Lamb Show on DayStar, JCTV on TBN, and Living the Life on TLN network promoting his brand of innovative clean comedy. He's been a writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared the stage with Weird Al Yankovich, Reliant K and TV's Sherri Shephard from The View.

Ron has toured with his comedian wife Kerri Pomarolli and also co-starred with her in the ground breaking documentary Hollywood on Fire with Pat Boone. Pat Boone commented, "They remind of Burns and Allen and I'd be honored to share the stage with them anytime." Ron's a Hollywood screenwriter who delights in sharing with audiences about not compromising your walk with Christ in any situtaion.

Ron has performed in the youth market for over 10 years. He's been a feature at Youth Specialties and is one of the top youth speakers working today. His ability to connect and communicate with his audience is remarkable.  His wit and humor contains current pop culture references that keep the attention of his audience.   Ron’s ability to masterfully weave his humor with a variety of messages is a key trait that has him booked at youth events  and outreaches nationwide. His newest film LA LA Land premiered in 2012 in NYC.

"I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior when I was nine years old. I had just heard a discussion of the "End Times" between my older brother and cousin. I did not want to suffer and asked my brother how I could bypass this judgment. Unfortunately, I did not accept Christ as my Lord. I went to church and pretty much was a good kid, but I felt that I could do whatever I wanted and just ask for forgiveness right before I died and everything would be OK.

My Junior year in high school was my most important year for college. I prided myself in the fact that I was able to have straight A's, be on the Varsity Football team and was the Student Body Vice-President. These were my accomplishments that I would measure the treasure of my life with. God had a different measurement.

After contracting a blood disease I was unable to attend school for several weeks. My physical state dropped and I was unable to play football. Because I missed so many classes I was unable to catch up and my grades suffered severely. As a result I did not maintain the grade point average needed to be on student government and my position was revoked. My popularity waned and friends were scarce. All that I treasured had been destroyed, and my life at its base was undeniably worthless.

I could not find a reason to go on existing. But God gave me a reason to live. I realized that I had been a wayward child and that by depriving me of all that was distracting, my Heavenly Father was able to get my attention and give me my much needed hug. I repented and finally accepted Christ as my LORD as well as my SAVIOR. He is both, One in the same.

The hope and the drive that fuels my life for family, friends and career would not have the same fervor if they were not under the blanket of Salvation that I know I have. Whatever I am doing, I know that I am a minister and witness for what the Lord has done in my life."

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