• Craig Gross

    Craig Gross
    Pastor and Founder of XXXchurch.com

  • Lisa Whelchel

    Lisa Whelchel
    Actress, Author; Ministry Founder

  • Benham Brothers

    Benham Brothers
    Nationally Acclaimed Business Leaders, Former Professional Athletes, Christian Fathers and Husbands

  • John Crist

    John Crist
    Up and Coming Stand-Up Comic

  • Michael and Amy Pickering

    Michael and Amy Pickering
    Award-Winning Music and Comedy

  • Kerri Pomarolli

    Kerri Pomarolli
    Animated, Original & Contagious

  • Bethany Hamilton

    Bethany Hamilton
    Pro Surfer, Inspiration for the Movie "Soul Surfer"

  • A.C. Green

    A.C. Green
    NBA Champion/All Star & Community Leader

  • Brian Sumner

    Brian Sumner
    Professional Skateboarder and Passionate Christ Follower

  • Tammy Maltby

    Tammy Maltby
    Author and Women's Speaker

  • Seth Franco

    Seth Franco
    Athlete & Speaker

  • Shawn Harper

    Shawn Harper
    Former NFL Player & Motivational Speaker

  • Sean McDowell

    Sean McDowell
    Author, Conference Speaker, Youth Minister

  • Scott Rigsby

    Scott Rigsby
    Double Amputee, Marathon and
    Ironman Triathlon Champion

  • Michael Franzese

    Michael Franzese
    Former Mob Captain of the Colombo Crime Family


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Scott Rigsby, Christian Speaker
Scott Rigsby
Atlanta, GA
Ashley Smith, Christian Speaker
Ashley Smith
Atlanta, GA
Becky Baker, Christian Speaker
Becky Baker
Austin, Texas
Eric Bryant, Christian Speaker
Eric Bryant
Austin, TX
Rod Hairston, Christian Speaker
Rod Hairston
Baltimore, MD
David Nasser, Christian Speaker
David Nasser
Birmingham, AL
Clayton King, Christian Speaker
Clayton King
Boiling Springs, NC
Benham Brothers, Christian Speaker
Benham Brothers
Charlotte, NC
Alex McFarland, Christian Speaker
Alex McFarland
Charlotte, NC
Frank Turek, Christian Speaker
Frank Turek
Charlotte, NC
Brad Mitchell, Christian Speaker
Brad Mitchell
Cincinnati, OH
Scott and Bethany Palmer, Christian Speaker
Scott and Bethany Palmer
Colorado Springs, CO
Ryan Dobson, Christian Speaker
Ryan Dobson
Colorado Springs, CO
Glenn Packiam, Christian Speaker
Glenn Packiam
Colorado Springs, CO
Shawn Harper, Christian Speaker
Shawn Harper
Columbus, OH
Sheila Walsh, Christian Speaker
Sheila Walsh
Dallas, TX
Jonathan Evans, Christian Speaker
Jonathan Evans
Dallas, TX
Marilyn Meberg, Christian Speaker
Marilyn Meberg
Dallas, TX
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