How To Host A Church Movie Night

A church movie night is an impactful way to reach your community. If you aren't sure if you should show a movie at your church, read the "Why Host a Church Movie Night" article. If you've already figured out why movies are a great way to open conversations about faith, check out the steps you'll need to follow to have an effective movie outreach.

  1. Choose Movie

    Find the movie that fits your needs: check the Outreach Films homepage to see featured movies, watch the trailers or browse by Audience, Theme and Genre (on left navigation bar). Need help or more ideas on what movie to use for your church movie night? Call and talk to an Outreach Specialist at 800-991-6011.

    Find a movie now.

  2. Buy Package

    Select your average weekly church attendance. Decide whether you just want a movie license and DVD (Movie License product) or if you want the Movie License Package that includes the annual license, a DVD, a Quick Start Guide and all the promotional materials you need to successfully promote your church movie night (for only $20-$30 more than the License only product).

  3. Promote

    Add your church movie night information to your promotional materials (Posters, InviteTickets and Bulletin Inserts). Unlike general licenses like CVLI, a movie license from Outreach Films allows you to promote your church movie night to your community using artwork, the title and actors names.

    Show your congregation the movie trailer to get them excited. Check out the Quick Start Guide for additional ideas on how to draw a crowd to your church movie night.

  4. Host

    Test your Movie Event DVD on the equipment you will use BEFORE the event to avoid any last minute issues. Recruit people to greet attendees and to facilitate discussions at the end of your church movie night. If you are expecting a lot of people don't forgot to think about parking and refreshments!

  5. Follow-up

    Every movie includes a Discussion Questions Handout and/or a Message Guide to help you follow-up on your church movie night.

    • Sample Discusssion QuestionsThe Discussion Question Handout has 10 questions about the characters and themes from the movie. Plan to have someone facilitate small group discussion or send home the handout with those who attend. View a sample Discussion Question Handout
    • Sample Message GuideThe Message Guide has more extensive discussion questions, teaching points and scripture references that correspond to a clip from the movie. View a sample of the Message Guide

At the end of your church movie night, consider giving first time visitors copies of the DVD. Make DVDs of the movie available for attendees to buy so they can share the story with others (Bulk DVD sales also make a great fundraiser!).

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