• New Mover Program
    Reach New Neighbors Automatically & Grow Your Church!Free Set-up — Save $79!

Send a custom postcard invitation to every new family in your community each month! Outreach's New Mover Program provides your church with:

* 79¢ based on non-profit postage permit—price may be slightly higher without permit.
** It's simple math: Studies show the average church attendee gives $1,000 per year. Your investment in the New Mover program is $948 per year if you send 1,200 invitations per year at 79¢ each. That makes using the New Mover Outreach Program practically risk-free!

How It Works

  1. Pick Your Postcard Design and have it customized for your church — every month Outreach will send your postcard to every new mover in your area.
  2. Select Your Radius — tell us what neighborhoods you want to reach around your church. Worried about expenses, you can "cap" your monthly mailings to meet your budget needs.
  3. Prepare To Welcome Visitors — make sure your church is easy to find and visible from the road — see outdoor banners and signs that can help.
  4. Get monthly Reports so you can follow up. Every month you will receive a report with information on the people who received your postcard. Use this report to follow-up and send additional church information to your new neighbors.

New Mover Outreach Postcard Invitations

Every New Mover Church Postcard Invitation features unique variable data printing - which prints the recipient's name on the front and back of the postcard, increasing your response rates up to 200% - just 79¢ per card including non-profit permit postage!

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question below to read the answer:

Every month, Outreach will obtain a list of new movers in your 3-digit zip code area. We will then use our state-of-the-art variable data technology to print postcard invitations featuring every new mover's name on the front and back of the postcards. We will then address and mail the postcards for your church.

The Outreach New Mover Program is the only new mover program that provides variable data personalization on every order so the postcards automatically feature the recipient's name printed as part of the design on the front which increases the response rate up to 200% - other companies do not offer this service at all or charge extra for it! The Outreach New Mover Program is also a complete, turnkey program: we do it all for you, including delivery to the post office. Finally, with the New Mover Outreach program, there are no contracts or obligations. You can cancel at any time.

Every year 45 million people move to a new home. Studies show that these new neighbors are often looking for ways to connect to their new community and make new friends. Sometimes New Movers are also going a life transition like being newly married or divorced, becoming an empty nester or having a baby, or moving away from family - during these times people are often more open to spiritual discussions and in need of support. New Movers are a very responsive audience to church invitations and church events.

If your church has a non-profit postage permit, each card is only 79¢ each including printing, addressing and delivery to the post office. There is a one-time set up fee of $79.95. If you do not have a non-profit permit, your costs will be about 10 cents higher per card.

Yes, you can set a limit. To be effective and see results, we recommend you do not send less than 50 postcards a month

No, but we recommend that you do not send less than 50 postcards per month or your results will be hard to monitor.

Outreach acquires our lists from a specialist in new mover data. They pull information from property titles and deeds, one of the leading credit bureaus and some utility companies. The names are compiled and filtered to ensure the list is as accurate as possible.

Regular New Mover invitation mailings are delivered to the post office the last week of each month. The Multi-Reach mailings are sent approximately two weeks later to the same households to increase response rates.

Your response rates will vary depending on how many invitations are being sent and what other marketing your church is doing in the community. Unlike Christmas or Easter invitations, a new mover invitation is not targeted at a specific or time-sensitive event, so visitors may not respond immediately - you may see more of a trickle of visitors over several weeks. However, that does not mean that your invitations are not effective: studies show that it can take up to 7 "touches" before someone responds to a marketing campaign, so as you continue to promote your church through other postcard mailings, door-to-door invitations, special events etc... you will see higher response.

Even if just one family were to join your church from a New Mover invitation, you would still recoup your investment. Here is how it works: Studies show the average church attendee gives $1000 per year, your investment in the New Mover program is $948 per year if you send 1200 invitations per year at 79¢ each. That makes using the New Mover Program practically risk-free!

Yes, however there is a $29.95 design modification fee if changed to another existing New Mover Design. A modification fee of $75.00 applies if changing to a design that is not currently a New Mover Design, including submitting completed artwork or a full custom design.

Every month you will receive a report showing the number of cards and the information on each new neighbor who receives the postcards so you can follow up later. We will also include your mailing address when we send the postcards so that you will receive a postcard the same time as your new neighbors.

The reports are sent via email with an MS Excel spreadsheet attachment. You will receive the name and address for each person who received a postcard from your church that month.

At this time, only Credit Card payments are accepted for the New Mover Subscriptions. Your card will be charged each month on the day your postcards are sent to the post office around the 28th of the month.

You may cancel the service at any time - there are no long term contracts or obligations. The New Mover Program does have a guarantee: if another new mover program produces better results than the New Mover Outreach program, we will refund your $79.95 set up fee so you can switch back. You must try the New Mover Outreach program for four months and switch back to a previous program. Call for details.

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The New Mover Outreach Program Really Works:

"Our church has used the New Mover program to reach out to newcomers for four years. We know it's been successful because we ask guests to identify how they first heard of our church, and we hear about the card they received. Some guests bring their postcards with them. We really like how we can customize the printed materials and the mailing list to maximize our exposure and craft a message that fits our congregation. Thanks, Outreach, for this great tool!" - Pastor Ron Dauphin, Olmsted Community Church
"The New Mover Outreach Program has been a great success. Each month it generates phone calls and emails...What a great idea!" - Jim Yelvington, Sactuary Church
"The New Mover Outreach Program raises awareness of our church throughout the community and provides low-cost, personalized invitations to people we otherwise could not reach." - Abraham Lavoi, Turning Point Church

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