Direct Mail Services

Church Direct Mail Services -
Let us do the hard work for you!

Let us custom design your postcard, print your postcards, help you target your mailing list, address your postcards, add postage then deliver to the post office!

Mail your postcard at the lowest non-profit price with
non-profit authorization!

It's Easy, Fast and Saves Your Church Money!

Design To Delivery Video

Full Service*
Outreach will design, print, address, add postage and provide Direct to Post Office service.

Design - Print - Address - Deliver

Direct to Church Option
Outreach will design, print, address and ship to
your church for you to mail.

*Postage is additional at only 8.3 cents per piece for non-profit.

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Detailed Map and
Demographic Data Analysis

With in-depth demographic reports you can target the neighborhoods and households more likely to respond to your mailing. By narrowing the focus of your mailing, you are decreasing your costs while improving your response rates. Plus you can target your mailings to a specific group: Opening a new school? Mail to families with children; launching a service targeted at younger adults? Mail to people in their 20's.

Bigger Savings on Postage

Your list costs and postage are significantly lower because you are not over-targeting your area. With the Full Service Option you can save even more on your postage with the included Direct to Post Office service. Mail your postcards at the lowest non-profit price with non-profit authorization!

Postal Preparation

With Outreach Mailing services, your Church Postcards are addressed, sorted and bundled according to the post office standards. If you choose to have them delivered to your church, the cards will arrive with completed paperwork, ready for you to simply drop-off at your church's post office with the indicated postage. If you have chosen the Direct to Post Office method, we will deliver them to the post office for you - saving you time and money!

NOTE: Demographic reports and direct mail only available in the USA.

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