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Reach more people close to your church with both direct mail & social media invitations!

It's called Outreach Everywhere and it provides your church with the most effective marketing: a combination of direct mail invitations with Facebook and Instagram ads - doubling your outreach impact!

Here's how to add Social Media invitation Ads to your mailing:

Choose a mailing.

A form will be sent to you to confirm which Facebook/Instagram ad you would like.

Once you select your social media ad to go with your mailing, we do the rest. We will run your ad directly from your church's Facebook Page. The ads will also run on Instagram - even if you don't have an account - all linking directly to your church's website. Just select a postcard and social media ad design to get started.

Here is what you get with Outreach Everywhere

  • A professionally-designed social media ad that meets Facebook and Instagram standards to provide you with the most effective Easter invitations.
  • A social media ad specialist who will place your ads for you so you can focus on preparing for Easter.
  • A social media ad that is run directly from your church's Facebook Page - AND Instagram (even if your church does not have an Instagram account!) - linking directly to your church's website.
  • People in your community will see your ads for 10 days leading up to Easter.
  • Your social media ads will reach at least 5,000 people in your community and be seen by those same 5,000+ people at least 3 times!
  • We will send you a report on how your ads performed!

Why should my church do a mailing and social media invitations?

"If churches truly want to see the Gospel impact and influence a community, they should go to the place where the most significant conversation is actually taking place right now. Today, that's on social media." - Ed Stetzer

Studies show that multiple touches (or impressions) of an ad or message provides higher response rates and brand recognition. By mailing a postcard and then targeting the same area with social media invitations - you will be able to reach your community multiple times on multiple channels. Your Outreach Everywhere social media invitation will reach at least 5,000 people multiple times!

What is a targeted social media ad? Unlike a regular post that you would share on your church's social media page, a social media ad promotes an event, business, or product, and is targeted as specific demographics or geographic areas. The Outreach Everywhere Social Media Ad Coordinators are experts in creating high-performing social media ads for churches. We will analyze your area and target either the surrounding zip codes or a specific mile radius around your church with social media ads, inviting your community to your Easter services.

What will my social media ad look like?

We have created 16 Easter ad images and 4 motion graphics for you to choose from. While some ads coordinate with an Easter postcard design, all of the ads are designed to be effective at reaching people through social media. See example ads

Note: The ads are specifically designed to be high-performing ads that follow mandatory guidelines by Facebook so the graphics are not customizable. The copy above the graphic will have the church name and custom content about the Easter service or event from the postcard invitation.

What is the process to get started with Outreach Everywhere?

Place your mailing order and select the Outreach Everywhere option. An Outreach Specialist will walk you through what to expect and next steps for your mailing and social media ads.

Check your email! An Outreach Everywhere email will be sent to you with a form to select your social media ad design and needed information to setup your ads. This form has to be completed to run your Outreach Everywhere ads.

Once your form is complete, a Social Media Ad Coordinator will reach out to you to complete the final steps to get access to your church's Facebook Page to be able to run ads for you. The Social Media Ad Coordinator will also send you some tips, resources and best practices to have your website and social media pages visitor-ready.

Ten days before your Easter services, your social media ads will start running on Facebook and Instagram throughout your community. (Note: you must give your Social Media Ad Coordinator access to your Facebook Page prior to this date, or your ads may not be seen.)

After your Easter services are over and ads are complete, your Social Media Ad Coordinator will send you a report on how many people saw your ad, clicked on your ad, and went to your website!

What if my church is doing a large mailing (over 5,000 postcards)?

There are larger options of Outreach Everywhere too!

For $500 you can reach 8,000 people in your community

For $700 you can reach 11,000 people in your community

For $900 you can reach 15,000 people in your community

For $1200 you can reach 20,000 people in your community

For $1500 you can reach 25,000 people in your community

For $2000 you can reach 40,000 people in your community

For $2500 you can reach 60,000 people in your community


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  5. What if we do not have an Instagram account?
  6. When will my ads run on Facebook and Instagram, and for how long?
  7. How many people on Facebook and Instagram will see my ads?
  8. How will I know if visitors are coming because of the postcard or the social media ad?
  9. Can I customize my social media ads?
  10. What is difference between a motion ad and a static ad?
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  12. Can I choose more than one ad?
  13. Why isn't there a social media ad that matches the postcard design I've chosen?
  14. If I upload my own postcard designs, can you make me a social media ad to match?
  15. Can I have a copy of the social media ad so I can post it to my website or share it on my personal social media pages?
  16. What is the best way to follow up with people who comment or like my social media ads?
  17. Our church is supplying our own art for our postcard. Can we provide a custom Facebook ad that will match our design?