Ketric Newell Youth Pastor & Speaker

Christian Speaker Ketric Newell suffered from a learning disability as a child, but a verse in 2 Corinthians 12 changed his life: “My grace is sufficient for you...” Since then, Ketric has spoken plainly about struggling in Christ, encouraging audiences to rely on the truth to set them free. In 2005, he joined Craig Groeschel and, serving as their youth pastor to over 400 students per week. He loves speaking at youth retreats and has a strong passion to minister to men of all ages.

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Ketric Newell literally burst into the world and onto the ministry scene with a vivacity that is truly God-given. From first to third grade, Ketric's teachers thought he had a hearing problem because he was so loud; it turned out that Ketric was just overloaded with energy and expression! Ketric was diagnosed with a reading disability later in his childhood, but he didn't let that stop him. In a “Moses” kind of way, God showed Ketric how he could have an awesome impact on the people around him BECAUSE of the "disability" he wanted to hide.

Ketric first picked up the Bible at age 13, and he realized it was the first book he'd ever read and actually understood! From there, Ketric attended weekly Bible studies and, without ever hearing these verses and passages analyzed before, Ketric stood up and spoke about what he thought the verses meant. Soon after, Ketric was asked by teachers and leaders to speak in front of various audiences.

Ketric's work in the Christian church really launched after taking care of his father who had been diagnosed with cancer. After assisting his father for eight months, Ketric visited and was asked to become a youth pastor. Soon after, Ketric called home for support from his parents. During that phone call, he realized his mother had recently accepted Christ in her life as well, and soon after, his father was healed from his struggle with cancer.

He loves speaking to young people and 20-Somethings at retreats and camps. Even though he's still in his 20s, Ketric has a strong passion for ministering to men and women of all ages. 

He is currently the youth pastor at (Nashville campus).

"[Ketric is] an AMAZING speaker! I think it is awesome how [he]met everyone, and actually took time to speak to them personally. I've never seen that before."
-Amanda, Baptist Church

"I will remember [Ketric] and [his] talks for the rest of my life."  - Patrick, New Covenant Church, Winter Retreat

"[Ketric] were by far the best speaker we have had all year!"   - Chelsea, FCA

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