Dave Yearwood

Professional Surfer and Christian Speaker

Professional surfer Dave Yearwood is more than just a surfer. He is a passionate follow of Jesus. When he isn't surfing he speaks to churches and youth gatherings around the world about the Gospel and the incredible importance of purity and marriage. 

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Wilmington, NC

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Born in Southern California, Dave was immersed in the surf industry and rose to the professional ranks. When you meet Dave it doesn't take long to realize that he is much more than a surfer. He is first and foremost a passionate follower of Jesus and he believes the greatest way to share God's love is to live it through his actions.

One of Dave's favorite things to speak about his the importance of marriage and purity. He is married to Catherine Yearwood and loves to share with youth that "...One of the greatest things you could ever do is make your wife your only one."

To say that Dave likes to have fun would be an understatement. He embodies the saying, "The Joy of the Lord is my Strength." He has been described as a one man three ring circus and never fails to entertain himself or the people around him. When Dave has an idea, you better hold on tight for a ride of your life.

Want to get another glimpse into Dave's heart? Watch this video of what happened when Dave invested in professional photographer, Benton Sampson, and evetually led him to Christ through friendship and living an authentic life for Christ. 


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