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Global Outreach Day Event Material

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Engager Invitations are only available for churches in the continental United States. These Engagers are beautifully-designed, modern day tracts with compelling messaging and full-color graphics on the front and back. Each Engager has it's own custom website, inviting the receiver to go deeper and learn more about having a personal relationship with Jesus. Each Engager pamphlet is small when folded (roughly 4" x 7") and open up to 8 x 14". They are a convenient and effective tool for outreach, helping you and your church members open doors to comfortable conversations about Jesus. Easy to give to your neighbors, coworkers, and even the people you encounter in your everyday routine. In partnership with Every Home for Christ, you can get 500 Engagers for free, with just a small $10 shipping fee. Hand them out to your congregation and encourage them to be more involved in your outreach efforts. Please note that Engagers ship flat so they can be run through a personal printer to personalize the back and will need to be folded. Use this <a href="https://www.encounteroutreach.com/template">template</a> to personalize your Engagers with your church info.

Order this stock product as seen - they will arrive flat without any customization.