Deep Love is a powerful online assessment that is the basis for resources your church can use to strengthen marriages. From Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, authors of numerous best-selling books on marriage, this assessment and its coordinated resources can be used to reach out to couples in your community as well as in your church.

Plan a Night to Strengthen Marriages with the NEW
Deep Love Launch Night Package

Launch night package:

The package includes:

  • 10 Deep Love Assessment Code Cards to provide couples
  • Deep Love Launch Night DVD - this one hour video will help your church get couples started with this relationship game-changer.
  • Pack of 10 social media memes

The Deep Love Launch Night DVD features a one-hour video, with Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, that will help your church get couples started with this relationship game-changer.

  1. Use the video for your Launch Night, to kickoff your season of marriage ministry. Couples will be inspired to see their relationship differently. They’ll also learn about the Deep Love Assessment, and how the four sections of the report (Personality, Communication, Conflict, and Adaptability) will be generated uniquely for each of them.
  2. Have each couple take the Deep Love Assessment after your launch night.
  3. You, as the church leader, will receive a Group Report to give you a snapshot of where your couples are with their relationships, and will provide valuable insights that you can use to customize ministry for your church.

What is a deep love assessment?

The Deep Love Assessment is a unique online assessment that generates a personalized 10-page report for couples. It's for those who want to move from bad to better as well as those moving from good to great and beyond. Each of the four sections of the report, Personality, Communication, Conflict, and Adaptability, are essential to deepening the relationship with lasting, positive results.

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