God's Not Dead Use Ideas

Eight Ways Your Church Can Engage with God’s Not Dead

Host a movie night - Host a movie night in your church. With the God’s Not Dead movie license you can show the film in your church for a year allowing you to use the film in many ways including:

  • All-church movie night
  • Back to school event for teens, Youth group retreat or mid-week youth meeting
  • Couple's date night with dinner and the movie
  • "Drive-in" movie night and show the film on the side of your church building while serving hot dogs and popcorn
  • Show in new believers' or evangelism classes

Plan a Sermon Series - Invite your community to your movie night and then to a special sermon series. Over 7 million people have seen God’s Not Dead since it opened in theaters. Encourage dialogue and help viewers discover what they believe about God with a special sermon series based on the topics of the movie. The God’s Not Dead church kit includes four customizable sermon manuscripts on these topics:

  • Week 1:Where is God when life falls apart?
  • Week 2: Is our faith blind?
  • Week 3: Welcoming skepticism
  • Week 4: Taking a Stand

Send a custom invitation to homes in your community - Using movie-themed invitation tools, you can mail a custom postcard to 10,000 homes in your community and invite them to join in your sermon series or small groups.

Launch small groups for adults - Many people will want to go deeper and take the next step to be able to take a stand for their faith. Coordinate a small group launch with your church movie event and sermon series and invite visitors and attenders to join and learn more while making deeper connections to your church.

Empower Teens and Young Adults - Frequently teens who are entering college fall away from their faith because they are not equipped to defend what they believe when they encounter skeptics and critics. Prepare the youth of your church to KNOW what they believe and to take a stand with the Student Kit DVD-based study.

Build excitement around your church for the movie, sermon series and small groups with indoor banners. Display these movie-themed banners in your lobby, hallways or classrooms – they can be customized with your movie night, sermon series and/or small group launch dates free!

Promote your God’s Not Dead events with a custom outdoor banner. Like a mini-billboard, these eye-catching banners will announce your events and draw traffic to your church!

God's Not Dead Q & A Session - Host a God's Not Dead Q & A session at your church addressing critical questions posed by skeptics and seekers