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Jesus Is _?

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Eventually everyone has to finish the sentence, Jesus Is ______.

This fresh and engaging new series from Judah Smith, pastor of City Church in Seattle, digs deep to answer this common and difficult question about a man so few understand and so many desperately need.

Jesus Is _____. explores topics that reveal Jesus' purpose for coming, what he accomplished and what that means for those of us who came

after. Bring to your church a message that gives them the intimate knowledge they need for a deeper, lasting relationship with Jesus.

"Who is Jesus to you? Finding the answer to this question will change your life forever. Judah Smith is on a mission to share the truth about Jesus, and if you are searching to know more, you will find it in Jesus Is_____"

- Craig Groeschel
Senior Pastor of LifeChurch.TV

"This game-changing book will inspire, challenge, and jolt you toward the person of Jesus, reminding us that He in fact is true life"

- Brad Lomenick
President of Catalyst

Everything else is minor compared to deciding who Jesus is, and what that means in our lives. It's that simple

- Miles McPherson
Pastor, speaker and author

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Jesus is____
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