Launch a Risen Sermon Series

Invite your community to learn the truth about Jesus' death and resurrection at a special sermon series based on the themes of the film. Encourage your members to invite their friends, family, and neighbors to watch Risen in theaters, and then invite everyone to go deeper with your sermon series. Start planning now by downloading the Risen Planning Guide, and promote your series with movie-themed invitation tools!

Risen sermon titles:

WEEK 1: "The Jesus You Never Knew"
WEEK 2: "The Jesus Who Calls You to Stop Playing It Safe"
WEEK 3: "The Resurrection: Myth or Miracle?"
WEEK 4: "The Greatest Comeback in History"
WEEK 5: "The Jesus Who Wants You Fully Alive"


  • Show the Risen Movie at your Church
  • Spread the Word Online
    • Feature the trailer on your social media or website, and make sure that people are invited and informed.
  • Send a Custom Postcard Invitation for the Movie and Series
    • Direct Mail is still the best way to reach your community with an invitation. Mail a postcard that features images from the movie and includes all information and a warm invitation. For demographic or sending information, contact and Outreach Specialist at 800-991-6011.
  • Social Media Outreach
    • Help your members invite others with digital initiatives. Create a Facebook event on your church page, and encourage members to send invites to their friends. Launch a Twitter campaign, asking your congregation to tweet about the movie using the hashtag #RisenMovie Note: social media images are included in the Church Kit.
  • Risen Personal Invitations
    • Equip your members to be inviters with DoorHangers and InviteCards. Encourage your congregation to pray about who God wants them to invite and reach out to.