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About The Film

Son of God was produced by Emmy award winning producer Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, Shark Tank) and actress Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel). The film is distributed by Fox.

The movie is 2 hours 20 minutes in length.

Son of God is not a documentary, it is a scripted, acted drama filmed on location in the Middle East and Morocco. It is also important to remember that this is a dramatization of the Bible and certain creative liberties were taken.

To help ensure the accuracy of the miniseries many Christian scholars served as advisors including:

Rick Warren - Pastor, Saddleback, Erwin McManus - Pastor, Mosaic, Jim Daly - Focus on the Family, Sam Rodriguez - National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Paul Eshleman - Campus Crusade for Christ, Bobby Gruenewald - YouVersion Bible, Brad Lomenick - Catalyst, Leith Anderson - National Association of Evangelicals, Frank Wright - National Religious Broadcasters, Tom Peterson - Catholics Come Home, Geoff Tunnicliffe - World Evangelical Alliance, Gabe Lyons - Q, Luis Palau, George Wood - Assemblies of God, Craig Groeschel - Life Church, Denny Rydberg - Young Life, Andrew Benton - Pepperdine University

According to an interview with Ms. Downey, the film " being made with full hearts. We've had scholars and theologians help. We're not pretending to be biblical experts. We brought experts in once the scripts were created to take a look at the scripts to make sure we were accurate and true to the Bible, but obviously we're making a movie, and so we breathed creative expansion into that."

Son of God is rated PG13. The sermon illustrations clips included in the Church kit are safe for the family. The small group clip of the crucifixion might be upsetting to young children. We are including a warning to pastors. We are advising people to decide accordingly if it is appropriate for their children.

Son of God is showing in Spanish at some theaters, click here to look for a theater. Spanish sermons, small group materials and promotions tools are avialable in Spanish, click here to learn more

Yes, Son of God will be released in other countries. Each country is on a different schedule, additional information will be coming as it is released.

Yes, Outreach will have the site license so you can show Son of God in your church. A site license is required for a public showing of this film and Son of God is not covered by CVLI. The church site license will be released in June. Check back on this site for details.

About Church Resources

The Son of God Church Kit includes:

  • The DVD-based Study including the Study Guide
  • A Resource DVD with: four customizable sermons and corresponding movie clips, a bonus Easter sermon, the movie trailer and a Campaign Planning Guide
  • Resource Guide
  • Web graphics and Social Media resources
  • A Movie Event Planning Guide
  • Sample invitation tools and Outreach booklet
  • PowerPoint slides and bulletin insert templates

The DVD-based Study includes a Son of God: Who Is He? Study Guide and DVD with four different movie clips, a leader’s guide PDF and the movie trailer.

Unfortunately we can’t make these available for preview. The week 1 sermon and sermon illustration video clip will be available on the website soon.

Yes, as long as the service is not downloadable, you can livestream the service where the clips are used. You cannot sell DVD recordings of your service that include Son of God clips or post them to a public website (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) or show the clips on Television. The clips are copyright protected and selling them violates that copyright.

Perhaps in the future but at this time it is only available as a boxed kit.

Outreach will sell the DVD and Blu-Ray when they are available in summer 2014