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Plan a Son of God Movie Event At The Theater Near Your Church!


In 2004, The Passion of the Christ provided churches with an incredible opportunity for sharing the Gospel with their communities. Now, there is another chance for amazing ministry through Son of God and movie outreach events!

Why Your Church Should Purchase Group Tickets or Buy-out a Theater:

  • Going as a group to the local theater is a great way to build enthusiasm for the film and your upcoming sermon series.
  • The congregation gets involved because it’s easy to invite a friend or neighbor to the movies vs. inviting to a church service.
  • Churches can go together and sit together as a group making it a fun outing.
  • Churches can buy the amount of tickets needed (usually at a discount) and hand them out or resell them.

Here is how your church can use this film to reach out in your community:

Movie Theater Buy Out

For churches that are serious about outreach and planning a big event at the theater. The demand for theater screenings is expected to be high – book your theater events early to make sure you get the date and time you want - call 888-208-8205 today!

A movie theater buy out reserves all the seats in a theater at a particular time. You "own" the theater for that show time (like a private screening event). When you book a theater buy out, you are able to to give an introduction before the movie and then follow up with a gospel presentation, an invitation to your sermon series or just a prayer at the end. Be prepared with hand outs like postcard invitations and outreach booklets to all the movie goers.

Cost: The average theater size is 200 seats, so your church is purchasing all the seats in the theater at the adult admission price established with the theater plus a small service fee. The Group Ticket Sales Hotline can provide you with the exact price after contacting the theater in your area, call (888) 208-8205.

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Group Tickets

Great for a smaller church or groups within a church, or those that may not want to commit to an entire theater buy-out. If you have booked a theater buy-out, consider also purchasing group tickets for additional showings during opening weekend for people who were not able to attend your event or who may want to take friends. There is a minimum purchase of 25 group tickets and some theaters may even "reserve" your seats in the theaters so you can sit together.

Cost: Group tickets are priced at the adult admission price that is normally charged at your local theater plus a small service fee. Some theater chains are providing discounts, the Group Ticket Sales Hotline will be able to provide you with the exact price for your theater call 888-208-8205.

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