Son of God Timeline

Son of God Church Outreach Ideas & Planning Timeline

Launch a Sermon Series - Invite your community to learn more about Jesus at a special sermon series based on the themes of the film like, "Who Is the Son of God?" and "Son of God, True or False". Begin your series by hosting a movie night and showing the film. Sermons are available in the Movie Event Package and the Church Kit. Promote your series with movie-themed invitation tools and invite visitors to go deeper by joining a small group - curriculum with clips from the movie is shipping now!

Who Is The Son Of God? Sermon Titles:

  • Week 1: The Son of Man
  • Week 2: The Sinner’s Friend
  • Week 3: The Anointed One
  • Week 4: The Coming King

Show the Son of God Trailer/Clips to your church (available in the Church Kit) - Build excitement in your church for your movie night and sermon series by showing the trailer and/or clips of the film. Encourage your regular attenders to invite their friends and family to the movie night and series by offering easy to use invitations.

Spread the Word Online - Feature the Son of God trailer and movie night information on your church website. If your church or members blog, write a shareable blog post about the movie and how it presents the perfect opportunity to share the message of the Gospel with friends and family. Digital resources are available in the Church Kit

Send a customized postcard invitation for the movie event and series - Direct mail is still the best way to reach your community with an invitation. Mail a postcard that features movie images and an invitation to your event to homes in your neighborhood. For demographic information on the best areas to target, contact an Outreach Specialist at 800-991-6011.

Social Media Outreach - Help your members invite others with digital initiatives. Create a Facebook event on your church page, and encourage members to send invites to their friends. Launch a Twitter campaign, asking your congregation to tweet about the movie using the hashtag #SonofGodMovie. Social Media images are available in the Church Kit

Help People Learn More - Invite movie attenders to learn more about Jesus through a small group study based on the themes of the movie. If your church is doing a Son of God sermon series, consider offering small groups during the week to go deeper and learn more about Jesus.

Son of God Personal Invitations - Equip your church members to invite others with door hangers and invitecards. Encourage them to pray about who God wants them to reach, and then extend an invitation to attend a Son of God-related event or sermon series at your church.

Outreach Booklets - Hand out evangelistic booklets to movie viewers to help answer the many questions they will have about Christ. Also an effective resource for church members to hand out to friends and family, these booklets feature graphics from the film, a gospel presentation, and room on the back cover to add your church's information.

Son of God Q & A Session - Host a Son of God Q & A session at your church or at the movie theater addressing critical questions posed by skeptics and seekers, such as: Did Jesus really exist, and did He rise from the dead? Why did Jesus have to die? What is sin, and how does God view it? Was Jesus really God, or just a great man who lived a long time ago? Will Jesus come again?

Son of God Door Hangers - Organize groups of church members to reach their entire neighborhoods with door hangers inviting people to see the movie and to attend your Son of God-related events. You can also make packs of door hangers available to your congregation to distribute to their neighbors during the week.

Key Planning Dates For Churches

May & June- Preorder a site license for Son of God so you can show the movie in your church. Son of God is not covered by CVLI so you will need a license to legally show the movie in your church or other public location. The site license is valid for one year, so begin planning all the ways you can use this film in your church. Here are some ideas:

  • Summer Movie Event - Plan a movie night and invite your community to come watch the film. Have nursery and childcare for children under 13 so parents can relax. In addition to offer traditional "movie foods" like popcorn, consider offering foods from the middle east like hummus and pita or Greek salad.
  • New Believer's Classes - Son of God clearly presents Jesus' love for us and is a great way to show new believers how much God loves them. Use the movie as a starting point or as part of a graduation event.
  • Youth Group Events- The movie is rated PG-13 mainly because of the violence in the crucifixion scene but teens see much worse in video games. Use the movie as part of a Youth Lock-in event or retreat and then have discussion groups to talk about how we should respond to God's love.
  • Holiday Events - Son of God can be shown at both Christmas and Easter as part of your other celebrations or as a preview to your holiday services.

June - The Son of God Movie Event Kit will be shipped to your church. It includes a Church Kit so you can plan a sermon series and small groups to go along with your movie night. Review all the materials and begin planning for a Fall sermon series, movie event and small group kick off! Son of God is a great follow-up to National Back To Church Sunday to keep visitors coming to church all Fall!