The Song Event Ideas

How Your Church Can Use The Song for Ministry

Host a movie night. - Purchase a Movie License and plan a movie night at your church for couples. Use the movie as a kick off to a special marriage series or to introduce small groups for couples. Encourage your church members to invite their friends to come. Remember, The Song includes adult content and may not be appropriate for some audiences.

Plan a Sermon Series - Invite your community to your movie night and then to a special sermon series. Help couples go deeper and learn more about God’s plan for marriage by launching a four week sermon series based on the Song of Solomon and these topics:

  • Week 1: Deepening Desire
  • Week 2: Increasing Intimacy
  • Week 3: Fighting Fair
  • Week 4: Rediscovering Romance
  • Week 5: Cultivating commitment
  • Week 6: Savoring Spirituality

Invite couples to Your events - Using movie-themed invitation tools like a direct mail postcard, you can invite couples to come to your series movie night. You can mail 10,000 invitations to homes in your community for only pennies a postcard – call for details.

Launch small groups for the movie event and series - Many people will want to go deeper and take the next step to strengthen their relationship. Coordinate a small group launch with your movie night and sermon series and invite visitors and attenders to join and learn more

Host a Marriage Seminar - Plan a weekend seminar where couples can get away from distractions and really concentrate on improving their marriage. Offer child care so parents get quality time too.

Build excitement around your church for the movie, sermon series and small groups with indoor banners. Display these movie-themed banners in your lobby, hallways or classrooms – they can be customized with your sermon and/or small group launch date free!

Promote your events in the community with outdoor banners and posters. Double your outreach efforts and get better response when people in your community not only get a postcard invitation, but then also see outdoor banners and posters in local businesses

Empower your members to invite their friends - Everyone knows a couple who are hurting and could use some support, make small tickets, invitations and doorhangers available for members to pick up and spread the word - personal invitations are the most effective form of outreach!