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Plan a Movie Night & Build Relationships in Your Community!

People are searching for love and meaning…in all the wrong places. The Bible has real solutions for people and for couples…they just need to see it. "The Song" is inspired by The Song of Solomon and is a music-driven romantic drama* about things we all pursue – love and meaning.

Using movies to open a conversation about faith is an effective way to appeal to people who may never set foot in your church otherwise. Hosting a movie night is the perfect non-threatening even for your church to invite people in the community to see a faith-based message. It's also a great way to connect with your church member and offer a fun way for them to participate in outreach!

Plan a Couples Movie Night:

Bring "The Song" to your church! Site licenses are required to host a public screening of a movie. This kit provides you with the license and much more, including:

  • Authorized Public Exhibition License (good for one year of unlimited showings)
  • Two posters (18" x 24")
  • A 16-page event planning guide to guide you in hosting your MovIe Event
  • A resource DVD with printable art files to promote your Movie Event

Site Licence Pricing

  • For churches under 100, it's $129
  • For churches 100-1,000, it's $229 (standard)
  • For churches over 1,000, it's $339

*Note: The Song movie addresses adult subject matters like suicide, adultery, substance abuse and violence and may not be suiteable for all audiences - click here to read The Dove Foundation review.

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