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The Panic Squad

Inspirational Improv Comedy

The Panic Squad is an improv group that provides clean, audience-engaging, improv comedy for your church event or comedy night in the same manner as the hit show “Whose Line is it Anyway.” Passionate, funny, and a little crazy? The Panic Squad fits the bill!

Travels From:
Seattle, WA

Booking Fee:
Call 866-400-2036 for a quote

The Panic Squad is all about clean improvisational comedy. Their performances are similar to the TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway” – spontaneous comedy based on audience suggestions and participation. A Panic Squad show is fresh, clean, and intensely funny – and they prove that comedy can be clean, wholesome, non-offensive, and ridiculous-crazy-hilarious!

Made up of teams of three (usually), The Panic Squad performers come from all parts of US and Canada and all walks of life. A pastor, an actor, a fundraiser, a manager, an IT guru, a barista, a banker, a worship director and more – all sharing a God-given - and God-honoring - talent to make people laugh. When you book The Panic Squad you are booking three guys with talent, heart and a commitment to make your event exceptional.

For over 10 years The Panic Squad has successfully performed for hundreds of churches, conferences, businesses, and top Fortune 500 corporations across the United States and Canada. Reference letters consistently note that The Panic Squad exceeded expectations in every aspect of the experience - both on the stage and off. That’s why such a high percentage of Panic Squad clients bring them back again and again.

Improv is like no other form of entertainment because it’s all about relationship. From the start, audience members are shouting out suggestions from their seats and even participating on stage. Only with improv is the audience as much a part of the show as the actors. The energy and relationship of an improv show cannot be found in any other form of entertainment, and The Panic Squad has mastered the art of clean, improv comedy like no one else.




“I have been bragging about you guys everywhere I've been. Your material was some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen - you guys are MUCH better than any improv programs I've seen on TV - and you kept it clean!  Way to go!  I am recommending you to my circle of friends and I hope you have a lot more invitations to perform than you can fulfill. Keep up the great work.” -- Bob Russell, Bob Russell Ministries, Louisville, KY

"The Panic Squad does an amazing job of performing soul therapy. By usingwitty, quick, smart humor, they open up and tenderize the heart through laughter. Simply put, they are great. You should use them." David Nasser, Author and Speaker

"Just came from your show at Morningstar Church in O'Fallon, MO.  What a riot!  Sometimes we get so jaded from the filth that passes for funny, that we forget what REAL comedy is like.  My husband and I loved the show.  Laughed our heads off.  You guys are comedic geniuses in the order of Steve Martin and even Robin Williams (without the innuendo and raunch). Thanks for a great evening!” - Toni Morris,  O’Fallon, MO

"Pant-splitting, convulsing, contagious, uncontrolled laughter gripped the audience as The Panic Squad did their thing. What I really appreciated about their ministry is the unquestionable mission they foster. The Panic Squad is truly committed to exceptional clean comedy for the purpose of edifying God."  Sean Taylor, Pastor of Students, North County Christ the King, Lynden, WA

"The Panic Squad was a very professional team that made our first quarter bridge event a big hit. They involved the audience, included the pastor (at our request) and brought down the house. We had a full evening of fun and laughter and I HIGHLY recommend this team to your church or organization." - Keith Scarborough, Associate Pastor - Morning Star Church O’Fallon, MO

"We booked The Panic Squad for some youth events and a church-wide family fun night. Everyone begged us to have them back again, so we did. We are now looking forward to our third year working with the Panic Squad. They are exceptionally talented, have hearts for Christ, and are a joy to work with as individuals. If you are looking for a high-quality comedy event that will relate well to a broad audience, The Panic Squad is it!"  - Jerry Hines, Associate Pastor of Student Ministries, Woodside Bible Church, Troy, MI

"Wow! What a great evening! You guys were exactly what we were looking for--a quality evening of fun and laughter. Thanks for making the first outreach of the year very successful, not only in numbers, but in the right balance of fun and sharing your faith as well. We are looking forward to having you back again!" - Kirk Lauckner, Hopevale Church, Saginaw, MI

"I really don't know what all to say. I went to your show not knowing what to expect. I brought an array of family to the show, my daughter is 7, my wife and I are in our 30's and my mother-in-law is in her 60's. All I can say is that your group totally blew us away! I was very glad there was an intermission so I could take a breathing break, and so I wouldn't embarrass myself with a bladder mishap! Seriously, I could not have asked for a better performance and sharper comedy anywhere. I truly appreciated the testimony and genuine concern for God's heart that your team displays. I hope to get to see you again very soon!"  Frank Bethle, New Castle, PA

We don't use The Force, we weren't bitten by mutant spiders, and we don't have any bionic parts (though that would be fun). Our incredible comedy abilities stem from something larger: our relationship with Jesus Christ.  We believe that our ability to make others laugh is a result of the way God has created us, and His continual work within us. God gives us the opportunities to perform, the talent to do it well, and we believe, even brings together each unique audience according to His purpose. It’s a humbling and exciting thing to be a part of.  

Because of this, we feel it's our job to honor God with the gifts and opportunities he has given us. We also think clean comedy is simply funnier and more rewarding that crude humor, too.  We’ve all seen acts that are funny, but leave us with a gnawing feeling that it wasn’t our best choice of entertainment. A great laugh should be fulfilling and refreshing. Performing squeaky-clean comedy is a big deal to us.

Our faith is also why we are so passionate about putting on an excellent show every time we take the stage. God asks us to give our best, in whatever we do. Because each member of the Panic Squad is a Christian, we take that call seriously. If you strive for true excellence in whatever you pursue, you also earn a right to be heard.

For The Panic Squad, an excellent comedy show is what provides opportunities for ministry. Whether the message is a brief gospel presentation, or simply an obvious lack of profanity and crude humor in the performance, the quality of the entertainment is what creates a reason to listen.


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