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Barnabas Piper

Author, speaker and "pastor's kid"

Growing up as a "PK," Barnabas literally wrote the book on the subject, speaking for pastor's kids and anyone else who found their own authentic faith within the legacy they were given.  Speaking regularly to churches and youth groups, his passion is connecting God's truth to real life. 

Travels From:
Nashville, Tennessee

Booking Fee:
Call 866-400-2036 for a quote

Barnabas Piper is the author of The Pastors Kid: Finding Your Own Faith and Identity, Help My Unbelief: Why Doubt Is Not the Enemy of Faith, and The Curious Christian: How Discovering Wonder Enriches Every Part of Life. He co-hosts the popular Happy Rant podcast and writes for The Blazing Center and well as contributing to numerous other publications and websites.

Piper speaks regularly at churches and conferences for both students and adults. He lives in Nashville where he serves on the Leadership Development team at LifeWay Christian Resources.

"Barnabas Piper issues a powerful call to leave the gridlock of black and white thinking and enter the grey terrain of second-guessing and doubt. This is where we raise our toughest, most honest questions to God. Such an invitation doesn’ t push us from the Gospel but draws us nearer to the heart of Christ. May we all learn to pray, “ Help my unbelief.”
– Margaret Feinberg, author of Fight Back With Joy and Wonderstruck
"Barnabas Piper ’s Help my Unbelief is an honest, self-revealing and engaging treatment of an important subject. This winsome and well-reasoned book avoids cliché s and easy, superficial answers. It will benefit many— including those who doubt, those who “ sort of” believe, and those who believe, yet long to do so more completely."
– Randy Alcorn, Author of Heaven and Hand in Hand


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