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Harris III

Award-Winning Illusionist & Speaker

A master illusionist who uses his illusions to tell the truth about deception. Harris III is a modern-day Houdini; he been featured on thousands of stages throughout the United States and in over 15 countries on 5 continents. He is passionate about helping today’s emerging generation see through the deception of the postmodern world and discover an authentic connection with their Creator.

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Harris “the Third” has spent the majority of his young life dazzling audiences. His classically trained performances have been featured on thousands of stages throughout the United States, and his magic-with-a-message has captured the spotlight in over 15 countries on 5 continents. With such a resume, it’s little wonder that ‘Harris III’ is becoming one of America’s most sought-after performers and event speakers.

“…Every moment of misdirection I create on stage has a purpose,” Harris explains. “Every illusion is intentionally tied together to enlighten, to inspire others to see the deception around them, to learn the truth about lies…and discover their own purpose.”

This rare brand of magic-with-a-message has raised theatre curtains around the world and opened doors in the most unlikely of places. He has graced stages at some of the largest events and conferences in the country, performing for teenagers at BigStuf camps, young girls on the Revolve Tour, married couples at Lifeway Marriage Conferences and Retreats, to arena-sized experiences like Women of Faith, and three separate, repeat appearances on the main stage at the Catalyst Conference.

Yet beyond Harris’ ability to amaze the curious with his sleight of hand, is his talent with words.  His knack for communicating “the evidence of things unseen,” often opens the eyes of his audience more than his visual misdirection.

“…We trust our senses…we live our lives by them,” Harris says, “But the art of illusion has taught me that things are not always what they seem.  Far too often our focus gets shifted to matters that ultimately don’t matter. We get misdirected from the Truth…”.

Whether he is doing a card trick in his man-on-the-street videos, swallowing fire on stage, collaborating on screenplays, or diving into an 85-gallon tank of water wearing a straightjacket, Harris III is fulfilling his purpose.  Through his misdirection, he is revealing the everyday deceptions that detour us from the Truth.  And with a masterful sleight of hand he is opening eyes, ears, and hearts to the wonders around us…to matters that truly matter.

Though only in his twenties, Harris has been called upon by Elvis Presley Enterprises to create custom presentations for Graceland, asked to deliver creative messages at fundraising events at venues like the Southwest Airlines Corporate Headquarters, and has been hired to entertain and inspire the staffs and leadership of organizations like North Point Community Church, Focus on the Family, and the Southern Baptist Executive Committee.  His personal endorsements are equally impressive. The long list includes leadership guru, John Maxwell, financial expert and well-known radio host, Dave Ramsey, musical icons like, Leigh Nash, NewSong, Jimmy Needham, Sanctus Real, Mac Powell of Third Day, as well as hundreds of other leaders across the country. The Catalyst Conference added Harris to their prestigious and highly-respected Young Influencers List, naming him one of America’s most influential young people.



"Harris, III made Christmas more than magical here at Graceland!" -Kevin Kern, Director of Public Relations Elvis Presley Enterprises

"We did not expect to be blown away and blessed by Harris, III and his ministry. We came to the event talking about the main speaker but left talking about Harris, III." - Faith C. Whatley, Director of Church Ministry Training and Events Lifeway

"What an awesome time my family and I had watching Harris, III last night! We were not only amazed by his great illusions, but were extremely impressed with his strong and clear presentation of the gospel." - Mac Powell, Lead Singer Third Day

"I've seen a lot of people do a lot of things with what God has given them. Harris, III simply shares the love of Jesus Christ with the gifts and talents that God has given him unlike anyone I have ever seen before. His courteous and professional manner has made him a pleasure to work with in every aspect of his ministry! Get him while you still can!"  - President/Founder, Upward Unlimited, Inc.

"Each year at Catalyst, our team does everything in our power to raise the bar and blow people away with creativity. This year, we called Harris, III to come play a role in helping us succeed at that goal. He took the time to help us creatively illustrate the theme of our conference, and then performed an illusion that left us speechless. Our entire staff along with the entire audience of 11,000 people were in awe of his performance - we are still receiving great feedback. Harris, III is a true professional to work with, and I couldn’t recommend him higher."  - Brad Lomenick, Director, Catalyst Conference

Harris is passionate about helping people-especially today's emerging generation-to transcend the trickery of the postmodern world and discover an authentic connection with their Creator. A deep heart for outreach and spiritual growth, Harris' ultimate mission is to serve as an agent of transformation in the hearts and lives of people throughout the world.

Since receiving a magic set from his grandmother at the age of 9, he has been fascinated with magic, illusion and how easily the senses are deceived. At age 11 he gave his first public performances. During his teen years, Harris traveled the world, honing his craft and astounding audiences. He spend two years studying communications and the Bible, sharpening his skills as an illusionist while wrestling with matters of faith and spirituality. He has won numerous awards from the International Brotherhood of Magicians for his stage performance and skills in the art of magic, and is consistently recognized by The Fellowship of Christian Magicians for his outstanding example of excellence and professionalism. In an unprecedented show of respect for such a young performer, Harris is one of the few performers to ever be featured on the cover of the FCM’s international trade magazine twice within the same decade, and is regularly asked to both perform and lecture at their regional, national, and international conventions.

Harris says, “It’s not always about revealing truth, but helping people challenge their assumptions, and ask deep questions about what life is really all about. The journey is as important as the discovery. I love when people discover truth that radically changes their lives, but as long as people leave our shows talking about not just what they saw, but what they heard and feel challenged to process, I am perfectly fulfilled.

Today, at the age of 26, he is a classicly trained, award-winning, master illusionist, and an expert in the art of deception. He has performed before 1 million people in more than twelve nations on five continents. Harris’ performances not only amaze his audiences, but also awaken them to the lure of deception, the power of the senses, and the secret of living life based on deeper realities."

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