Julianna Zobrist

Passionate about girls and women of all ages stepping out into the world with confidence because of their security in Christ!

Julianna’s message and music is for anyone who wants to express the joy and freedom of knowing that Christ gives them the strength to be bold, fearless, and confidently vulnerable knowing that you don’t have to measure up to what others think of you but rather, knowing your true strength can shine because of who you are in Christ.  

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"Only when we can come to grips with our worthwhileness, will we ever begin to step out in bravery and confidence and brilliance" - Julianna Zobrist

Julianna Zobrist, speaker, author, and singer is a rural Iowa City girl, raised on classical music, Michael Jackson, and farm-grown corn.

Since her record release of Shatterproof last year, Julianna has performed at numerous events and venues around the nation, including a special guest appearance at Wrigley Field during Game 4 of the World Series where she sang a stirring rendition of “God Bless America”.  She has been featured by top media across the globe including Forbes, ABC News, Huffington Post, CBS, FOX News, and Sports Illustrated, among others.  Her husband also featured Julianna’s single “Alive” as his main “walk up” song during the 2016 MLB season with the history making Chicago Cubs.

Julianna’s message and music is for anyone who wants to express the joy and freedom of knowing that Christ gives them the strength to be bold, fearless, and confidently vulnerable knowing that you don’t have to measure up to what others think of you but rather, knowing your true strength can shine because of who you are in Christ.  

Julianna is currently speaking and singing across the country at various events while writing her second book due for release in 2018.  


Faith and Family


"Shatterproof" Music Video


"Alive" Music Video


"The Dawn" Music Video

"What a wonderful time we had with Julianna Zobrist at World Revival Church of Kansas City's Arise 2017 Women's conference.  Her love for the Lord and her love for people really shine through. Her life's message resonated with all of the ladies. And of course, all of her music was absolutely marvelous. She is a talented and gorgeous lady. 

I, personally, really connected with Julianna. She is honest, she is transparent, she is real!  She has a spirit of excellence along with an attitude of humility.  I was also impressed with her desire to support and
add to our conference agenda. She spent the whole day with us and never came across as demanding, but rather as a humble, hungry, teachable believer. 

I highly recommend having Julianna minister in music and share some of her teaching to any women's group or congregation."

Kathy Gray, Senior Pastor,  World Revival Church of Kansas City 


"We had a fantastic time with Julianna.  There were several people that came to me later and shared the opportunities that they had to speak with their friends or family because of the time theyspent at the event.  We are excited for the opportunities that were presented to them because that is what we were praying for!  It also stretched a lot of our older ladies to realize that we truly are a multi-generational church and that our younger generation isn't doing
anything wrong, just different.  

We have seen the beginning of a stronger unity between the generations because of the time they spent together with Julianna.  The content of Julianna's message was appreciated and encouraged many to realize that they only need to be accountable to God.  It was one of the best attended event we have held with the number of ladies in our church vs. the ladies in our community.  Many times when they bring the other concerts, there are very few from our church.  This time a lot of our ladies made it a priority to spend the evening with us, that was exciting.

On a personal note, our daughter had been struggling with several girls telling her how she "should" dress, have her room decorated, stop helping with her sister, and many more things.  The morning after listening to Julianna, Katie tore down all of the stuff she had hung on her walls and rehung all of her horse pictures.  I knew that the girls gave them to her, I didn't know that they told her to hang them up in her room.  I had no idea that she didn't care for the pictures, I just thought she had grown out of her love for horses.  It opened the door for me to come along and remind
her that God has uniquely designed her to be her!  I was very proud of her when she came to me later and told me that the girls were telling her what to do again and she just said, "Don't Should on Me"! and walked away.  She
had been struggling with being able to know what to say and how to walk away when they are treating her poorly.  It has strengthened her and allowed her to have a response."

Lisa DeJong, Westchester Bible Church


"It was indeed our privilege to have had Julianna Zobrist as our guest for the Amazing Love Women’s Event at our church.  Over 1,300 women attended and, because we are a Kansas City area church, the women are thrilled to have her here following the Kansas City Royals’ World Series Victory.  The Zobrist name had become a household name and Ben had been applauded as having been a vital part of the team’s success.  Obviously many women attended our event out of curiosity and were fascinated by the celebrity status.

What they received however, was far more than that.  Julianna proved to be a woman of warmth, compassion and deep spiritual character.  She was fun, full of energy, slightly edgy and, in contrast, somewhat traditional.  Her music was current and impactful.  Her message relevant and practical.  As a young wife and mother, she was able to speak into the hearts of younger women, even teenage girls that need so desperately to know that it is in fashion to love Jesus.  The older women also loved her and felt that her faith was solid and her message was Christ centered.  

The part of her ministry that made her most credible, however, was her love for people and the time that she took to meet them individually, hear their stories, sign their CD’s and genuinely love them.  There was no hint of “diva” behavior…only Christ-like character.  This underlined the credibility of her ministry.

I would highly recommend Julianna for any vent you might be planning.  I would have her back any time.  As the director of a women’s ministry in a large church with several campuses, I have the opportunity to meet speakers and musicians.  They do not always understand ministry.  Speaking, singing, signing autographs perhaps…but ministry is indeed something deeper than that.  Julianna understands that.

My life is richer for having met her, and my ministry has been enhanced by her investment in our women."

Karen Schuler, Women’s Ministry Director, Woods Chapel United Methodist Church, Lee’s Summit, MO


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