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Matt Hammitt

Founder of Sanctus Real, Singer, Songwriter, Speaker

Whether it’s through speaking at “Lead Me Live” men’s conferences and events, at Family Life’s “Weekend To Remember” events, speaking on Kirk Cameron’s “Living Room Reset”, having his songs played on the radio, or writing books, Matt Hammitt’s heart and message is to help men and women everywhere move from ‘having good intentions to taking action’ in their marriages and families.  


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Sometimes great success brings greater challenges.  For twenty years, Ohio native, Matt Hammitt, was the lead singer and songwriter for Dove Award-winning two time Grammy-nominated band Sanctus Real. During that time, the band released eight albums under Sparrow Records, toured internationally and released 14 Top 5 and #1 singles to Christian radio, making the band a household name among Christian music fans worldwide.


Matt’s song “Lead Me,” has resonated with men, women, and families all over the world. However, what most people don't recognize, is the great irony behind the song itself. "Lead Me," the very song that catapulted him to the heights of success, was also the song that would play a major part in Matt's twenty-year career as the front-man for Sanctus Real coming to an end. As crowds of thousands echoed the words "Don't want to leave them hungry for love, chasing things that I could give up" Matt was deeply convicted that it was time for him to start singing those words less and living them more. Matt made the difficult decision to step away from the band.

In 2015 Matt launched “Lead Me Live” men’s conferences and marriage events, speaking to thousands of men and couples across the country about the real life story behind his hit Sanctus Real song, “Lead Me.” Matt’s message caught the attention Family Life, who brought him on as a regular speaker for their “Weekend To Remember” events. Most recently, Kirk Cameron invited Matt to join him for his “Living Room Reset” marriage and parenting tour. In a edition to speaking, Matt has released two solo albums and has had over thirty songs published with others artists including For King and Country, Francesca Battistelli, Bethel Music, Skillet, Building 429, Kutless and many more. 


The emotions behind Matt's decision to leave his former band is penned into the opening track of his self-titled album, "Heaven Knows." Throughout the album, Matt takes on the difficulties of stepping out of a familiar and comfortable place to follow Jesus, who often calls us to do difficult things for our ultimate good. Blind trust, or simply put, faith, is a thread that's woven throughout all ten tracks of Matt's new album. 


Matt has been married to his wife Sarah for sixteen years, and together they have four children. Birthed from his own struggles, one of Matt's greatest passions has become ministering to broken families. In 2010, Matt's son, Bowen, was born with a rare and severe heart disease. Through the pain of caring for a sick child, Matt and Sarah faced some very difficult years of marriage. Out of their experience, Matt and Sarah, started two organizations that mister to families today. Whole Hearts Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides financial, emotional and spiritual support for families of children living with pediatric heart disease. In 2016, Matt and Sarah also launched "Lead Me Live" men's conferences, aimed at encouraging and equipping men to become great spiritual leaders in their home. 


In 2016, Matt partnered with Full Circle Music and producer Seth Mosley to begin work on a new album which is slated to release in November 2017. “Tears”, the first radio single, broke into the Billboard Christian Airplay Top 50 chart within two weeks of its debut. His current single, “He Always Wins” is a worship anthem that is quickly being sung in churches around the globe. Additionally, Matt is writing a book about the themes of Lead Me and will release in late 2018.  


Matt Hammitt at Oakwood from Oakwood Community Church

When we think of our mate Matt Hammitt, words like God-honoring, inspirational, family man, sweet-spirited, and truly gifted come to mind. We're behind him all the way."