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Ted Williams

Homeless For 20 Years: The Man With The Golden Voice

Ted Williams is an American voice-over artist. He gained widespread media attention when an interview made during a period when he was homeless went viral after being posted to YouTube in early January 2011. 

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Ted Williams was a homeless crack addict until Doral Chenoweth, a Columbus, Ohio videographer for the Columbus Dispatch, interviewed him and posted the video on the newspaper's website. William's sign had struck Chenoweth, which said that he had a "God given gift of voice" and was "an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times." Chenoweth asked Williams to demonstrate his voice; after gratefully receiving a donation, William's improvised an astonishingly skilled radio station promo. The video was reposted to YouTube where it received worldwide notoriety. Immediately following the viral explosion on YouTube, Williams appeared on the Today show, doing the lead-in voice over.

Williams is now off the streets, sober, and continuing his work as a voice over artist with NECN in Boston. He is also a sought after speaker on the issue of homelessness.  His biography, A Golden Voice (written with New York Times bestselling author Bret Witter and published by Penguin books) is available now. 

Ted Williams' story is one of incredible grace and redemption. It's a story of faith, hard work, and humility which lead Williams from the streets to salvation. 

"So that’s where God sent me: to the street corner for one hour, every day, rain or shine. He sent me not for the money. He sent me not to be discovered by TODAY — that happened months later by accident — but to humble me. And believe me, I was humbled." - Ted Williams

"'Golden Voice' Ted Williams has an amazing story to tell and the way he tells it will inspire everyone who hears it.  He has a contagious enthusiasm and authenticity that touches a very deep place in the heart.  It leaves you believing that no matter how far you have fallen there is hope for you and you can have a second chance.  In his journey or redemption you will see how God can do much more than we could ask or imagine. I highly recommend him to your church."
- Pastor Ken Foreman , Senior Pastor, Cathedral of Faith, San Jose, CA

"[Ted’s] story lets us all know that God's Grace can reach us all.  He is a real person who connects with all age groups…people of all ages stood in line to speak with him after the service.  He was kind and affirming with all those he met.  We invited those struggling with addictions to the stage to pray with and over Ted at the end of his story. This was one of the highlights of our time with Ted as it affirmed our people who are struggling with addictions… Ted being here created the kind of "buzz" we wanted with many, many first time guests." - Craig Zastrow, Executive Pastor, Central Christian Church, Beloit, WI