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Events Covering the Issues of Pornography, Addictions, Strongholds, and More is a ministry dedicated to helping people find freedom from sexual sin. These “pre-packaged” events cover the issues of pornography, internet safety, accountability, addictions/strongholds and more. 

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Pornography and sexual sin are heavy topics in the church - and they can't be ignored. But how do we address these topics appropriately and with sensitivity, tact, and grace?

Allow to help. They have created several different types of events with your audience in mind. Covering issues such as pornography. accountability, internet safety, addictions/strongholds, recovery, and more, they make it easy to tackle difficult subjects.

 Porn & Pancakes - 
A men's breakfast filled with straight talk about porn and the issues surrounding porn from people who get it: XXXchurch pastors, porn industry insiders, and former users who once struggled without hope. The breakfast is open to men and boys in junior high on up.

Porn & Parents - 
A seminar that educates and informs parents of what awaits their children on the internet, providing tools and information parents need to protect their family. You will see how your kids are an innocent mouse click or keystroke away from graphic pornography, find out why free peer-to-peer file-sharing software and many free email  services are major portals to pornographic and gambling websites, and find out about the dangers of social networking  websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And so much more. 

 Porn Sunday
An open and honest discussion to bring awareness about the reality of pornography use and abuse that is rampant in the church while bringing hope to those who are struggling with pornography addictions/strongholds.  Porn Sunday seeks to drive the conversation about pornography into our churches, families and lives. This Sunday service brings healing to those sitting in churches who are caught up in pornography. Churches from all over the world have participated in this event throughout the years. We provide the resources, the message, and everything else to make this event a success.

 Porn & Pastries - 
An evening of honest and open talk about porn and how women are affected. If you are a mother, a spouse, or you struggle yourself, this night is for you to talk porn. Hear from people who get it—former sex industry insiders, former porn addicts, wives of addicts, and the pastors. This event is for women and young women junior high and up. 

 Porn & Poetry - 
No, not porn is poetry… porn and poetry. Quite the difference, but still… quite the combination. This event is a highly testimonial performance / discussion from two young poets that have felt the weight of addiction, and the joy of freedom. (Levi Macallister, aka Levi The Poet, is an internationally recognized spoken-word artist, writer along with Nick Vitellaro, a young Seattleite with a lot of passion and serious talent.) Porn & Poetry isn't confined to a particular venue or demographic. Art transcends time and age. Want to host a college event? Bring it in for a church service? Integrate it into a camp experience? List it in a conference brochure? Fly us to space (hey, just saying')?

Custom Events and Speakers - 
What do you have in mind? Youth events, high school and college events, men's and women's events, festivals--whatever your imagination can conceive, the team here at and Outreach Speakers would love to be a part of your next event.