Outreach, Inc. Moving Operations to Colorado Springs

New Outreach Inc. Headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO

New Outreach Inc. Headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO

VISTA, CA -- Outreach, Inc., a world leader in church communications, publishing and media, is relocating its headquarters from Vista, Calif., to Colorado Springs in July 2012 in an effort to better serve its churches, expand its workforce and provide a more affordable home for its employees.

Founder and president of Outreach, Inc. Scott Evans said there are many advantages of moving Outreach, Inc. to Colorado. "We chose Colorado Springs because we believe it will provide the perfect environment for us to further our mission of equipping Christian churches to reach their communities for Jesus Christ."

In fact, Evans said the more central location will provide lower shipping costs and faster delivery times for customers, while also providing a much lower cost of living for employees.

With the move to the new larger facility at 5550 Tech Center Drive in Colorado Springs, the company will have room for additional expansion in future years. The company plans to move into the new building on July 5.

Evans said that Outreach is also looking forward to the closer proximity to the other Christian organizations and ministries that it already partners with.

"Our goal at Outreach is the same today as it was 15 years ago: to empower churches to invite every person in their community to church and, ultimately, into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ," said Evans. "We believe that this move will help us facilitate that goal in a faster and more effective way."

Outreach plans to continue to be open for business in their Vista facility through June 29 before moving the company to Colorado. Customers will see minimal delays or changes to their regular services from Outreach during the transition.

New Address: 5550 Tech Center Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80919