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Update Your New Mover Invitations For Your Online Church!

Just because your church has moved your services online, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to people who have just moved into your area. In fact, as people are isolated and not able to get out to make new friends, it’s even more important for the Church to reach out and provide an online community!

To make your invitations more relevant to our current circumstances, we want to provide you a few options you can take to resume mailing to new neighbors in your area at the end of May:

Choose a new postcard design that has an Online Church theme, FREE - We have just introduced four new postcard options that are designed to invite new neighbors to connect with your church online.

WO Bring Your Dog

WO Morning

WO Love The Coffee

WO Couch

Update your current New Mover design with new text, FREE - You can keep your existing design but update the invitation text to connect with your church online.

You can choose either option but for this change to be effective on your April/May mailing, we need to know your choice by April 27. Please contact us at 800.991.6011 or email us at [email protected].