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It’s the New & Improved Outreach Everywhere

Get a FREE full-service ads package (a $300 value)* or save $300 on an upgraded package for maximum reach with your postcard mailing of 5,000 or more, now through 11/01/19.

Get started by adding a social ads package to your mailing:


Select a postcard design
& Social Ads Package level


Use our custom platform
to give us all the details about your service or event


We handle the rest! We will build your ad, get your approval, select the target audience, run the ad and send you the report

You're Done! Our expert social team does the rest!

What do I get with Outreach Everywhere?

There is a Social Ad Package option for everyone:

What is a targeted social ad?

Unlike a regular post that you would share on your church's social media page, a social media ad promotes an event, business, or product, and is targeted to specific demographics or geographic areas. The Outreach Everywhere Social Media Ads team are experts in creating high-performing social media ads for churches. We will analyze your area and target either the surrounding zip codes or a specific mile radius around your church with social media ads, inviting your community to your church and events.

What our expert social ads team provides with each package:


Our Ads Team takes care of your ad campaign set-up, from picking the targeted audience to scheduling the ads before your event.


The world of Social Ads and best practices changes quite often and can be difficult to navigate. Our team keeps up on the latest rule changes and best practices so that your ads will be the most effective they can be.


Our team will monitor your ad’s performance while it is in progress, and make adjustments to improve results if needed. Now that’s service!


One of our team’s core values is stewardship. You won’t need to worry about your ad campaign going over budget or spending too much per click on your campaign. Let our experts do what they do best, so you’ll get maximum reach for your buck.

Summary report

After your campaign runs, we’ll send you an easy-to-read report of how your ads performed that you can share with your team and celebrate what God did through your commitment to reach your community.

Read more in FAQS

Why should I do Outreach Everywhere instead of a mailing alone?

It’s the most effective marketing spend you can make!

Studies show that multiple touches (or impressions) of a message provides higher response rates and brand recognition. By mailing a postcard and then targeting the same area with social media invitations, you will be able to reach your community multiple times on multiple channels. Your Outreach Everywhere social media ad’s impressions will be from 15,000 to 50,000 (average) depending on your package!

What will my social media ad look like?

Your social media ad will have the same look and feel as the post card mailing design you choose or your uploaded design. Our social ads experts will create an ad proven to reach your community and provided higher response rates. Your ad(s) will run on Facebook and or/Instagram for 10-15 days depending on the ad package you choose.

Your social ads will be seen by the same audience area as those receiving your postcard in the mail!

Does it work?

Yes! We’ve received several great stories about how effective social ads and postcard pairings are to get people to respond to church invitations and raise awareness of the church in their community. This story is from a church launch named Trailhead:

“We had an incredible response to the social media and the mailer: over 1,000 new unique visitors to our website in the 10 days leading up to launch…and on launch day we had approx 100 new, first time visitors who responded to the mailing and joined us for worship…Praise!”


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