Outreach Values

The Gospel

The message of Jesus Christ is the single hope for all people for all eternity. A passion for the gospel is our primary motive for what we do.

Our People

Our people are our most important asset and therefore our most important responsibility. We encourage a healthy work/life balance and provide opportunities for growth.


We embrace a culture of innovation, implementing new ideas and practices to the benefit of our customers and the growth of our company.


As a leader, we cannot fulfill our vision without local churches or other ministry partners.  What we do we do through the Local Church as established by God.  We seek to work with the whole Church to reach the Lost for Christ.


We manage our business honestly and directly, accept responsibility for our actions, and follow through on commitments and promises acknowledging that how we conduct business is as important as what we accomplish.


We practice the continual pursuit of excellence in our conduct, products and communication.


The whole of our organization is greater than the sum of our individual parts. We value each part of our company to strengthen and contribute to each other.


Everything we have is God’s and we are only stewards. We seek to utilize the resources God has given us in the most prudent way possible to move us closer to the vision, while remaining financially secure.

Customer Focus

Our success is linked to the success of our customers. We anticipate, understand and focus on our customers' needs.


It takes courage to fulfill our vision. Willing to take risks and grow, we step out in faith to go where God is leading.