How To Design and Print Your Products

Once you have received your Do It Yourself products, it’s easy to get them ready to print. Follow the instructions below and/or visit our Template download page to download a MS Word template.

Design Your Invitations

Invitations are easy to create and produce. Follow these simple steps for great results:
  1. Prepare Your Information

    Collect the information you want to include on the inside of your Invitation. This might include your logo, map, bullet points and possibly one sentence of text.

    Text Tip: Remember the purpose of this Invitation is not to give someone every detail about your church, but to motivate them to make a visit. Give them enough information so they can visit without having to make a call.

  2. Create Your Layout

    Your Invitation layout is easy to create in any desktop publishing program or even using the “cut & paste” method. The template will give you a guideline for how your page should look.

    1. Depending on your Invitation design you will select either a “landscape” (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation of a regular 8.5" by 11" document. This can usually be done using a “page setup,” “document setup” or similar function (depending on your program).
    2. The margins for each card should be set as follows:
      • Top: 0.50"
      • Bottom: 0.50"
      • Left: 1.25"
      • Right: 1.25"
      • Top: 1.25"
      • Bottom: 1.25"
      • Left: 0.50"
      • Right: 0.50"
    3. Using your “text box” feature, create a borderless (no frame) box - for Landscape the box should be 4" wide by 3.3" high. Reverse the measurements for Portrait.
    4. Type in your text, insert any logos or maps and if possible, “group” these items so your text box, with its contents, can be copied and moved as a single item.
    5. Use no more than two type faces (fonts). One bolder type face for headlines and subheads, and one regular type face for the text work well. However, using variations (bold, italic, light, etc.) on a font can add emphasis and visual variety to your layout without adding to graphic “clutter.” Recommended font sizes:
      • Headlines: 14–20 pt.
      • Text: 9–12 pt.
      • Maps: 6–9 pt.
    6. Your layout should provide key information without confusion. Keep it simple and clean. Have at least three people proof the layout for errors, content (date, time, location, etc.) and readability before printing.
    7. Once the layout is complete, copy your text box and paste copies into the four margined corners of your page. The gutter (or space) between the text boxes should be 0.5" between each box on either side.
  3. Print

    Invitations may be printed on a laser* or inkjet* printer. However, you may want to output a clean, high quality original of your Invitation text and duplicate it on a photocopier* or at a local quick printer.

  4. Separate

    Carefully separate your Invitations by folding back and forth, then tearing along the perforations.

  5. Distribute

    Encourage each member of your church to keep these business card-sized Invitations in their wallet and to share them whenever they have the opportunity.

    *Before running Invitations through a laser printer or photocopier, check your owner’s manual for specifications regarding perforated stock.