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Red Winter Wreath
Red Winter Wreath
9'8" x 7'2" Banner
$389.00 ($599.00)
Snowy Village
Snowy Village
9'8" x 7'2" Banner
$389.00 ($599.00)

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Fabric Sleeve Banners

fabric sleeve banner for churches fabric sleeve banner for churches

Eye-catching... Easy to set-up... Wrinkle free...

The new sleeve-style church banners are unlike any other indoor banner you have seen before! Featuring bright, dye-sublimation printing on stretch fabric, Church Sleeve Banners slide over the frame and cling tightly to create a wrinkle-free look for any area of your church! With optional 2-sided printing and two sizes to choose from, Fabric Sleeve Banners are the perfect choice for busy lobbies and hallways around your church.

Click-It Straight Banner Stand

Straight Click It Stand for Sleeve Banners

Designed to hold the new Church Sleeve Banners, these sleek aluminum stands are easy to set up – just click the pieces together and attach the base. The banner slides right over like a pillow case! This stand is perfect for busy walkways and can be weighted down for outdoor use.

Click-It Wave Banner Stand

Wavy Click It Stand for Sleeve Banners

Draw more attention to your banners with this stand that features a subtle, curved wave. Designed to hold the new Church Sleeve Banners, this aluminum stand is easy to set up - just click the pieces together and attach the base. The banner slides over like a pillow case! Available in 2' x 6' size only.

Outreach Sleeve Banners are one of the most versatile fabric banners for your church and can work in virtually any space in your ministry building. These 2' x 6' "Sleeves" are printed on 100% wrinkle-free, stretch fabric polyester using dye sublimation printing. The banner is printed on two pieces of stretch fabric which are sewn together to create a sleeve.

5 oz. Soft Knit Fabric

Best Application: Indoor Sleeve Banners, Indoor Church Banners, and Table Throws

  • Brilliant mid-weight white polyester warp knit fabric
  • Soft hand printing surface gives a luxurious look and feel
  • Fabric hangs well and is virtually wrinkle-free
  • Dye sublimation printed for brilliant color and durability

Amazing Print Quality

Wrinkle-free double knit polyester with dye sublimation printing for bright, crisp colors and graphics

2-Sided Printing

Place a banner with 2-sided printing in high traffic areas so people can see it from both directions.

Want a completely custom Church Sleeve Banner?

2x6 Indoor Sleeve Banners
2' x 6' Church Sleeve Banner

Slim and light-weight, this banner fits any space in your church.

27x67 Indoor Sleeve Banners
2'7" x 6'7" Church Sleeve Banner

Perfect for lobbies and larger spaces.

10x7 Indoor Sleeve Banners
Jumbo Church Sleeve Banner

This 9'8" x 7'2" banner works on stage or as a photo booth.

5x8 Indoor Sleeve Banners
New 5' x 8' Church Curved Top Sleeve

This tall, eye-catching banner is perfect for an instant information or sign up table!

Click It Stands for Indoor Sleeve Banners
Click It Stands

Display your sleeve banners on these easy-to-assemble stands that fit any space.

Learn about Indoor Sleeve Banner Designs
Learn About Sleeve Banners

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