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Celebrate Dad Mustache Set
Celebrate Dad Mustache Set
Handheld Sign / 5pk.
CMU Father's Day
CMU Father's Day
Handheld Sign
$29.00 ($45.00)

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Church Handheld Signs

Church Handheld Signs Church Handheld Signs

Boosting Church Attendance with Handheld Signs

What Are Handheld Signs?

Introducing Handheld Signs - Great for your greeters! Handheld signs are portable, customizable signs designed for easy use by individuals during events or gatherings. Welcome people to your church with an uplifting message on a colorful Handheld Sign. Put your signs in the hands of friendly church greeters and watch church visitors and church members alike walk in your doors with smiles! Each Handheld Sign is printed in full color on one side of a lightweight durable Bulldog Board, creating a smooth surface for bright, welcoming graphics. These signs can be reused for various occasions, making them a cost-effective tool for communication.

1. Warm Welcomes at the Entrance

Place greeters at church entrances with handheld signs displaying warm, inviting messages like "Welcome Home" or "We're Glad You're Here." This personal touch can make visitors feel instantly welcomed and valued. A friendly face combined with a cheerful sign sets a positive tone right from the start, helping newcomers feel at ease and more likely to return.

2. Directions and Information

Handheld signs can guide attendees to various facilities like restrooms, child care, or coffee stations. Clear directions help newcomers navigate the church premises effortlessly, reducing confusion and stress. For larger events, signs pointing to registration desks or specific event locations ensure everyone knows where to go, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

3. Highlighting Special Events

Promote upcoming events or special services with handheld signs. Whether it's a holiday service, community outreach event, or a guest speaker, these signs can grab attention and create excitement. Strategically placed around high-traffic areas, they act as visual reminders, encouraging visitors to mark their calendars and participate in future activities.

4. Engaging Sermon Prompts

Use handheld signs during sermons to highlight key points or scripture references. This visual aid can enhance engagement and help the congregation retain important messages. Signs with prompts like "Amen" or "Hallelujah" can also encourage interactive participation, making the service more dynamic and inclusive.

5. Encouraging Participation

Encourage congregational participation during services or events. Signs with prompts like "Sing Along," "Join Us in Prayer," or "Follow Us on Social Media" can foster a sense of community and involvement. These signs not only guide behavior but also make visitors feel more connected to the church community, increasing the likelihood of repeat attendance.

By incorporating handheld signs, churches can create a more welcoming, informative, and engaging environment, ultimately attracting and retaining more visitors.

Our Church Handheld Signs are 100% customizable. You can choose your images, colors, or text to create the design you need.