Payment Options
Outreach Inc. accepts payment in US Dollars through the following methods:

  • Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover
  • Check or Electronic Check (e-check)
  • EZ Billing (Click to learn more)

Electronic Check Process

  1. Complete payment information on check, write “Fax” on the signature line. Fax the check to your Outreach Specialist – DO NOT mail the original check
  2. We process the check electronically and email or fax you a receipt.

Payment Terms

  • Without EZ Billing: Do-it-Yourself (stock) products require payment in full with order. Click here to learn more about EZ Billing
  • Customized/Personalized product orders less than $750 require payment in full with order. Orders over $750 require a 50% deposit to process the order with the balance due upon receipt of the order.

Accounting Questions? If you have a question concerning an invoice, call 800-991-6011 ext. 3248.