Response Rates

Typical direct mail has an immediate response rate of between .25% and 1%. An “immediate response” would be the recipient attending the very next service after receiving your postcard. Bear in mind that some recipients keep the postcard and attend at a later time.

So, if you mail 200 postcards, a typical response would be .5 to 2 people.  WelcomeOne postcards which are personalized with the recipients name on the front should have a higher response rate around 1% to 3%. With these higher response rates, if you mail 200 WelcomeOne cards, you could have between 2 and 6 new visitors.

But response rates vary and are effected by:

  • The appeal of the postcard graphics and headline
  • The use of clear and inviting information about your church, such as a map, service times, contact information and an inviting description of your church’s programs and atmosphere
  • Effective follow-up (Learn more about Effective Follow-up)
  • The geographic area(s) you target with your mailing
  • Use of an incentive - Offering a free gift to first-time visitors is one good method for increasing your WelcomeOne response rates. There is room on the back of your WelcomeOne card to include a “burst” mentioning the free gift. Offering a gift has a number of other benefits:
    • It provides your church with a tracking mechanism for WelcomeOne response. Remember though, that some visitors might not feel comfortable coming forward, even to claim a gift.
    • It gives you an opportunity to start a conversation with your visitor, and it helps connect with your church. You can use the time to make them feel welcome, to get to know them a little, and to let them know about ministries and events that may interest them.
    • Some gifts, like a Bible or an outreach books, can even help answer questions a new visitor might have about God and having a relationship with Jesus Christ.