The Bible - Church Engagement

Share Deeper Bible Truths with Your Church and Community!

Make the most of this opportunity to reach out to the people in your community who watched the series but may not attend church—plan a sermon series, small group and outreach campaign and help viewers go deeper and learn even more about the Bible!

Start with the The Bible 30-Day Church Experience—a church campaign kit and small group combination that enables your church to invite and connect visitors while helping your members grow deeper spiritually. Launch a 5-week sermon series or purchase a site license and use it anytime.

The Bible Church Kit

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Designed to be used as a five-week series, The Bible 30-Day Experience Church Kit includes everything you need to launch a sermon series and outreach campaign based on the 5-week Bible miniseries. The kit includes stunning video clips combined with scripture to bring Bible characters to life and illustrate God’s redeeming love for us.

Week 1

Journey from
Death to Life

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Week 2

Journey from
Slavery to Freedom

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Week 3

Journey from
Victim to Victor

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Week 4

Journey from Religion
to Relationship

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Week 5

Journey from
Darkness to Light

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Church Engagement Timeline

Show The Bible TV Series for Your Church and Community, Affordably and Legally (Not covered by CVLI)

Bring this powerful miniseries to your church and community all year long! With an annual church site license each episode of the miniseries is at your finger tips and available to show.

The Bible Movie Event Package

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Price based on church size

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Less than 10% of people saw the series and 68% who did say they learned something new. Plan now for an after-Easter Bible sermon series and showing of the The Bible in your church.

Everything your church needs to show The Bible miniseries and promote the event to your community including:

  • 4-DVD set with entire Miniseries—7.5 hours of content
    • - 10 episodes
    • - 7.5 hours of content ( it's like 5 90 minute movies)
    • - As low as $19.90 per episode
  • 1 year site license—show the series as many times as you want for 12 months!
  • An Event Planning Guide
  • 200 Invite Tickets
  • 100 Bulletin Inserts
  • 2 Posters
  • The Bible 30-Day Experience DVD-based Study Kit

The movie license kit is great for:

  • Showing the church on Sunday night or at your midweek service. After each episode do a teaching or break into small groups and use the Guidebook/Small Group Guide to go deeper (5 - 90 minute movies)
  • Saturday showing of the entire Bible miniseries
  • Show at youth group meetings or the whole series at a lock in
  • Use for men's and women's ministry gatherings
  • Invite the community to watch The Bible at your church and create a series of special events
  • Introduce new believers to Bible stories during your New Believer's Class

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Launch Small Groups and See Deeper Spiritual Growth!

The Bible DVD Study

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The Bible 30-Day Experience DVD Study Kit is a 5-week study for individuals and small groups based on some of the epic stories of the Bible, with an emphasis on God’s plan of redemption for mankind through Jesus Christ. This study features inspirational video clips from the epic The Bible miniseries.

This powerful study is specifically designed to help people:

  • See these stories from the Bible like they never have before.
  • Discover the scarlet thread of redemption through Jesus Christ woven throughout the Bible.
  • Experience a greater insight into God’s amazing love for them personally.
  • Understand how their unique story fits within God’s story for all of us.
  • Be inspired to read these great stories from God’s Word themselves.

Kit components include everything an individual or small group needs to maximize this 5-week study series:

  • Resource DVD with 5-10 minute video clips from The Bible for each week of the study
  • The Bible 30-Day Experience Guidebook and Study Guide. Read a sample
  • Leader’s Guide PDF with tips and advice for leading a small group

The DVD-based study kit is great for:

  • Small group and Sunday School studies
  • Family studies at home (appropriate for children 13 and up)
  • High School Youth Group Studies
  • Market place studies
  • Sunday night or mid-week service during the miniseries

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The Bible 30 Day Experience Guidebook

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Based on the epic TV miniseries, The Bible, this Guidebook and Study Guide is specifically designed to help members experience the epic stories of the Bible and discover how the life-changing message of God's redemption plan for mankind is woven throughout its pages. It includes powerful lessons, daily readings, inspiring Scriptures, heartfelt prayers, simple application exercises and insightful questions to help the reader internalize the truth.

Read a sample.

Save when you buy 10 or more Only 3.95 each!

The daily guidebook is great for:

  • Daily devotional and study during the miniseries for adults and youth
  • Gifts for visitors during the miniseries and Easter
  • Small Group and Sunday School studies

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The Bible Miniseries Church Engagement Timeline

1 to 2 weeks before series launch Pastor Announces The Bible Campaign to the Congregation
  • Church begins praying for the campaign.
  • Church begins displaying interior banners and poster.
  • Church begins announcing campaign in newsletter, website, and bulletin announcements.
  • Shows 2 or 4 minute trailer of The Bible miniseries at weekend services to cast vision with the congregation and then explains what your church will be doing. (Sermon Series, Home Viewing Parties, Small Group Studies…)
  • Insert Bible 30-Day Experience small group sign-up forms in your program for several weeks. The form has a place where people can check that they want to lead a group or attend a group. Purchase required: The Bible DVD-based study.
  • Hold small group kickoff meeting and training around two weeks before series launch. At this meeting you can hand out The Bible 30-Day Experience DVD-based Study and The Bible 30-Day Experience Guidebooks/Study Guides.
Church Invites Community to The Bible Campaign Events
  • Display Posters in the Community.
  • Send out Bible-branded direct mail postcard invitations to your community to invite the many who will see the miniseries to your church to learn more. Outreach can handle everything from design to delivery to the post office. Postage is only 7.6 cents each with nonprofit permit.
  • Purchase extra postcard invitations to give to your members to hand out as invitations.
  • The Bible door hangers and invitecards are also available for your members to hand out as invitations to your sermon series. Bulletin shells are available to use during the series.
  • Encourage your church members to use social media to invite their friends and family to Bible parties and your sermon series.
  • Announce on website home page and send press releases to local newspapers.
  • Purchase “Join us for the Bible 30 Day Experience” banners for outside the church. Set up 1-2 weeks before the series starts and display for the whole series. Several designs, sizes and stands are available.
Week of series launch Kickoff Campaign-Intro Week
  • Pastor introduces The Bible campaign
  • Show trailer for the miniseries or one of the other video clips
  • Pastor casts vision, leads congregation in prayer for next week's sermon series kickoff
  • Pastor encourages each member in congregation to invite at least one person to next week's first sermon
  • Church makes A Story of God and All of Us available to the congregation
Week 1 Sermon Series - Week #1
Week 2 Sermon Series - Week #2
  • Sunday Sermon #2
  • Show 2 to 3 minute clip
  • Small groups meet during week to watch video segment and discuss/study biblical concepts
Week of 3 Sermon Series - Week #3
  • Sunday Sermon #3
  • Show 2 to 3 minute clip
  • Small groups meet during week to watch video segment and discuss/study biblical concepts
Week of 4 Sermon Series - Week #4
  • Sunday Sermon #4
  • Show 2 to 3 minute clip
  • Small groups meet during week to watch video segment and discuss/study biblical concepts
  • The Bible Movie Event Package can be used to show the miniseries to your church. Consider a Saturday marathon screening (7.5 hours) or do 88 minutes for the five weeks on Sunday evenings or at your midweek service.
Week of 5 Sermon Series - Week #5
  • Sunday Sermon #5 - Easter message
  • Show 2 to 3 minute clip
  • Small groups meet during the week to watch segment and discuss/study biblical concepts
  • Plan to show The Bible miniseries in your church! Order The Bible Movie Event Package and show it on Sunday nights, at mid-week services, to your Youth Group, New Believer's class or other ministry events all year long.
  • Now that your church has experienced a 30-day overview of the Bible they will be interested in going deeper. Plan a longer more in depth Bible series for later in the year and use The Bible Movie Event Package to show clips relevant to your sermon.
  • Watch for additional studies and church campaigns using the video content from The Bible.

11 Event Ideas to Make the Most of The Bible Miniseries Outreach Opportunity

IDEA 1 - Show the Bible Miniseries at Your Church

The Bible Movie Event Package is available to license and show at your church. Use the miniseries to show on Sunday nights, at midweek services, at retreats or for youth groups. The 7.5 hours of content can be used in so many ways and in so many places to support the ministry of your church.

IDEA 2 - Postcard Invitations To Go Deeper

Mail a postcard invitation to every home around your church to come to your Bible sermon series. Print extra invitations to allow your church members to hand out. Consider providing newcomers with The Bible 30-Day Experience Guidebook/Study Guide as a gift for visiting.

IDEA 3 - Launch A Sermon Series and Small Groups that Parallel the Miniseries

Thousands of people in your community will be watching the miniseries, invite them to your church to go deeper and learn how the Bible can have a personal impact on their lives. The Bible 30-Day Experience Church Kit includes sermons, video clips, DVD-based study and Guidebook/Study Guide

IDEA 4 - Daily Bible Guidebook for Adults and Youth

Make available the The Bible 30-Day Experience Guidebook/Study Guide for all of the adults and youth in your church. The guidebook provides daily readings and action steps that parallel the miniseries and will help your church members dive deeper into the Bible and develop a devotional life. The guidebook also contains small group questions that can be used during the series.

IDEA 5 - Evangelistic Booklets Featuring Graphics from The Bible Miniseries

Jesus: An Epic Story of Love and Sacrifice is an evangelistic booklet featuring graphics from The Bible Miniseries. Empower members to give their friends this easy-to-read booklet that includes a gospel presentation and an invitation to church.

IDEA 6 - Prayer Walk

Encourage members to walk the neighborhoods around your church praying that the miniseries and sermons will make a spiritual impact on your community. Use The Bible door hangers for leaving an invitation on doors as people pray.

IDEA 7 - Go Deeper with a Sunday Night or Mid-week Service

Use The Bible 30-Day Experience DVD-based Study to do a Sunday night or midweek more in depth study of the Bible during the miniseries

IDEA 8 - Bible Book Clubs

Use the popularity of book clubs to introduce people to the stories of the Bible using an easy to read translation or the novel, A Story of God and All of Us.

IDEA 9 - Involve the Youth in Your Church

The Bible Miniseries, Church Kit, DVD Study and Guidebook are all designed to be used by the youth in your church (13 and up). After the miniseries is over, use The Bible site license to show the entire series and launch small groups this Fall.

IDEA 10 - Home Viewing Parties

Purchase the home DVD or Blu-Ray and have a viewing party. A Bible Viewing Party Kit is available that includes a host guide, discussion questions and invitations for inviting friends, family and neighbors. This is the outreach opportunity your church has been waiting for!

IDEA 11 - Q & A Session

After the series, host a special Q & A service where people can come ask additional questions about the Bible.