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The Outreach team is always working to help church and ministry leaders learn about the latest tools, tips and trends that can make them more effective at reaching their communities.

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Over the last 12 years, National Back to Church Sunday has been a catalyst for outreach and growth in thousands of churches around the country. So what are the key tips and best practices for preparing to host an event in 2021?

Join Pastor Jason for a short video presentation and Q & A session that outlines 6 steps you should take as you get ready for a September 19 event.

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During this short presentation and Q & A session, Pastor Jason will explore WHY you should consider joining this national movement and how National Back to Church Sunday can help grow the faith of current church members while also reaching new people with the love and hope of Jesus.

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Coming out of the pandemic, evangelism leaders from across the country agree that this Fall is perhaps the biggest outreach opportunity that we will see in our lifetimes. Join Pastor Jason as he shares insights and ideas on how to maximize this opportunity to reach people in your community who are searching for hope and answers after this trying time.

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Join Kevin and Pastor Jason for this FREE one hour webinar as they unwrap the differences between broadcasting your church services online and true online engagement.

Webinar participants will have the opportunity to win a one-year subscription to the Outreach Church Kit and Video Subscription plan

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• How can we be the Church in effective ways this Easter season?
• How can we reach new people, introduce them to Jesus, and positively impact our community?
• How can we comfort and encourage our people while inspiring them to live on mission?
• How can we do all of this whether we are gathering in-person, online, or both?

These are questions pastors and ministry leaders are wrestling with as we inch our way closer to celebrating the Resurrection. Join Pastor Jason to learn ideas and ministry strategies that churches are using to make Easter 2021 impactful regardless of the challenges they are facing.

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If you’ve been in ministry for any time at all, you are well aware that Easter presents an incredible opportunity to connect with new people in your community.

The events of the past year have not diminished this opportunity. If anything, the challenges we have faced have increased people’s interest and desire to experience true hope.

Join Pastor Jason as he shares some new ideas to help you and your church focus on building new relationships with those people in your community who are needing help this year.

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Digital Product Expert Kevin talks about the importance of your church having a strong online presence in 2021. This webinar covers social media, church online and church websites and how you can improve and reach more people and increase your online engagement.

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Electric Sprayers are the newest and fastest way to disinfect your church and facilities. Matt Kroeker, with Clean and Safe Products, discusses a line of electric sprayers and a disinfectant called Purerox (HSP2O). Purerox is proven to kill COVID-19 in 60 seconds. In this webinar, he discusses specific details of the hardware, supplies, and process of applying the disinfectant as well as demonstrating how it can work in your facility.

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Webinar Archive

How to Leverage Social Media

Kevin looks at the 3 steps your church can take to increase your social media foot print and be more effective online.

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Equip your church for Outreach

Jason talks about how to encourage your members to demonstrate compassionate care and the love Jesus to their neighbors during the Corona virus and beyond.

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New Normal Community Outreach

What does it take to reach your community with the Gospel in our new normal? Join Jason to discover key concepts for your leadership team to consider as you prayerfully and practically live out God's mission in a Pandemic.

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How to increase engagement

Let's not put the mission of the Church on pause! Join Jason to explore practical ways to help build mission-focused bridges in your community.

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How to leverage digital media

In this session Kevin will discuss how to take your services online using OBS.

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Effective Fall Outreach

Although it might look a bit different, fall is still the perfect time to kick off your ministry year and connect with new people. Join Pastor Jason as he reveals a variety of tips and tools that will make your church's community outreach engaging, simple and effective.

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Re-engage and connect this Christmas

In this session, Pastor Jason walks you through the one complete resource that will help you reach out with the much-needed hope of Christmas! Can’t make the live webinar? Register anyway and get the replay!

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effective social media strategy

Kevin walks you through developing a strong social media strategy to get more engagement and expand your social reach this Christmas season.

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grow your church during Covid-19

Pastor Jason discusses some ideas for reaching thru the challenges of this season to connect and grow your church.

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