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How to Get Ready & Invite Your Community

Every region will be different when it comes to the guidelines for reopening your church so be sure to consult your state and local leaders and follow the safety guidelines for your area.

But even before you open, you can begin to prepare and plan so that when the time comes you are ready to welcome and invite your community, who is now, more than ever, open to the Gospel!

Take Appropriate Safety Precautions: Get Your Building Ready!
Once you have a better idea when you can begin holding meetings again, responsible safety measures are critical and are probably required for your church to reopen. Your priorities should be to protect those who are most vulnerable and provide a safe and secure environment for those who are joining you for worship and other ministry activities. Beyond a thorough cleaning, this may mean having virus-protection tools on hand in your building:

Wall Mounted Touchless Soap/Sanitizer Dispensers

These dual purpose dispensers can be used for hand sanitizer and also to replace restroom soap dispensers with touchless, automatic ones. These universal dispensers will use any liquid soap or sanitizer.

Liquid Sanitizer

It may be even more valuable than toilet paper but these affordable 1-liter refill bottles will work with the above dispensers and also any other kind of pump or dispenser you have.

Face Masks

Provide these for all of your volunteers and then make available to anyone entering your church who may not have one - choose from two types:

Touchless Hand Sanitizer Stations with Sign Holder

Place these stand-alone battery-powered stations near your entrances, classrooms and worship center. The universal design will use any liquid sanitizer.

Social Distancing and Safety Measure Signage

Be sure to communicate your concerns and remind others to be safe with signage around your church:

Floor Stickers

Indoor Banners

Adhesive Signs

Provide Worship Options - Continue Your Online Ministries
High-risk people including the elderly will probably need to remain at home and many people may not feel comfortable coming to church once restrictions ease. You’ve likely also reached people online that are connected to you but live farther away. Don’t abandon your online audience, even if you can meet in person! Keeping your digital ministry strong is essential to your church health.

Outreach Social

With a graphics library of over 2000 images, auto-posting and a daily scheduler, it’s easy to update your social media pages and keep your audience engaged. Right now, you can save 50% off an Outreach Social subscription - just $9.95 a month. Get access to all 2000 images for free with a 14-day trial!


If you are using Facebook Live or YouTube, provide a distraction-free environment that includes multiple Bible translations, links to your giving and notes - and it’s FREE!

Let your Community Know How to Join You
Post signs and banners outside your church and in the neighborhood letting everyone know that you are back in person or online!

Outdoor Banners

3'x8' and 4'x8' Available

Yard Signs

Packs of 5

Postcard Invitations

New Lower Prices make it even more affordable to send a postcard to every home!

Get Ready to Welcome Guests
Your first few weeks of in-person meetings should be a celebration. It’s a great time to update your direction signs, add some inspiration and get your greeters some “contactless” ways to welcome guests!

Street Signs

Hand Held Signs

Don’t Stop Serving Your Community
Strive to be the church that everyone in the neighborhood talks about...in a good way! Go out of your way to serve and encourage your members to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Start a Neighbors Helping Neighbors Campaign

A great resource for your church is Neighbors Helping Neighbors. There you will find a free training video to get you started in a simple yet very effective way. You can also download a free sermon starter that focuses on the Great Commandment and a free engaging exercise that every household in your church can use to reach their neighbors called the Dozen Door Challenge.

Adopt a Nursing Home

Most elder care homes will not be able to have visitors even after other restrictions are lifted, but having children make cards and sending small gifts like socks and puzzle books to a local nursing home will help the residents feel less isolated.

Host a Mask Give-away Outreach

Face masks are becoming a regular part of our lives as they are required in most public places now. Yet in some areas, supplies are limited. This is where your church can step in and be a blessing to the community. Provide disposable surgical or KN95 masks to doctors offices, nursing homes, retail shops, grocery stores and first responders as part of your outreach efforts in the community.