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Window Banner Instructions

Tools Needed:
Two people, MASKING tape (scotch tape may damage material), squeegee, razor blade or Exact-o knife, glass cleaner, straight edge or yardstick, and paper towels.

Using glass cleaner, clean windows thoroughly and allow to dry. Read installation instructions carefully. Do not use water or installation liquid to install this product. For best results, we recommend outside temperatures be over 55 F with low humidity.

Step 1:
Starting from the top of the graphic, pull away 1” of the paper backing, exposing the adhesive. Fold down the exposed backing to prevent it from curling back up.

Step 2:
Place the exposed adhesive onto the window and squeegee over it slowly with a smoothing tool such as you would use for wallpaper. DO NOT remove the remaining backing. Place a piece of masking tape across the top of the applied decal to hold it in place.

Step 3:
Have your partner lift the graphic while you gently remove a section of the backing, exposing about 6” of the adhesive. Pull off the backing slowly, as Window Banners can tear from the side. Do not pull off the entire backing.

Step 4:
Slowly and firmly squeegee the exposed film to the window. Using long strokes, squeegee both vertically and horizontally across the window, continuing to install 6” of material at a time. Take your time to avoid creases and bubbles.

Step 5:
Once the film is in place, squeegee over the entire piece in long strokes, starting from the center and working outward. Push any bubbles or creases toward the outer edges.

Step 6:
If you are covering the entire window, follow along the window edge with a razor blade to trim away excess material. Place a straight edge against the side of the window to use as a guide. Follow once more around the edges with a squeegee.

Perfecting Your Window Banner:
Most bubbles or creases, (especially near the edges) can be pressed outward with a squeegee. If one cannot, use the corner of a razor blade or a sharp pin to puncture the bubble or crease. Then, gently use your finger or a squeegee to press down the material and remove the air. Be careful and work slowly to avoid wrinkles.