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The event with Outreach Events exceeded our expectations. We challenged our membership to buy extra tickets and bring a friend. They did. Normally, for events like this we top out at 400. For this event, we sold 877 tickets and topped out at over 925 including all volunteers. The comedian was engaging, energetic and brought more than a laugh a minute. Some members told me that they were actually tired and sore from laughing. One said as they left, "Laughter is good medicine, and he was good medicine."
Kyle Kiser, Senior Staff, Outreach
Richland Hills Church of Christ (TX)
Our church recently hosted Michael Franzese, former Mafia Boss, who is now a dedicated Christ-follower. Michael was well received and really connected with our audience. His story of God's grace and forgiveness is one where everyone could relate and identify. Our attendance was nearly double the normal Sunday attendance and we have received nothing but positive feedback from those who attended. I highly recommend Michael Franzese to churches, schools, and other organizations that need to hear a positive message.
Dr. Tim Watson, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Outreach Events has been a pleasure to work with. The prices are fair, the resources incredible, the information always at the ready, and the personnel extremely friendly. I booked both a speaker and a comedian for my youth weekend retreat and the kids absolutely loved it. The comedian was hilarious and even the parents had a blast with him. The speaker was intuitive and always listening for God's voice for the weekend. His prayers, messages, and calls to respond were relevant and dealt with an experience that only comes from being blessed, blessing others, and connecting with God every day. He was fantastic, and nearly 30 kids came to Christ that weekend. I will use Outreach again. Thank you so much!
Dan O'Leary
Youth Pastor, Ignite Youth Ministries
The event went fantastic! The comedian was outstanding and we had our largest turnout ever for a marriage event. This was a significant investment for our church but it was well worth it! We will definitely do this again in the future.
Darren Wyatt
Willowbrook Church
As a senior pastor of a large church (3700+), I am always on the lookout for guest speakers who have a unique story to tell and can share God’s love and grace in compelling ways with the unchurched people we are trying to reach. Over the years we have used professionals from the business and athletic arenas, always with great success. But little did I know, or expect, what I was bargaining for when I invited Michael Franzese to spend a weekend with us. My first clue that something special was taking place was when the traffic was backed up over 3 miles as people made their way to our Saturday evening service. That evening, our 1700-seat auditorium was filled to overflowing, the extra 200 seats we had set up were full and as was our 350 seat atrium. It was the largest attendance we have ever had at one service. The two services on Sunday morning brought more of the same. All-in-all we had record attendances for a non-Christmas/Easter event (6500) people with over 150 people indicating decisions for Christ.

Not only was Michael’s story of his former life riveting, but even more so was the clarity and conviction with which he shared the grace, forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ which has changed his life. His humility, candor, and sense of wonder that God has not only saved him but is now using him to reach others, served to remind us all that God is not done with modern-day Damascus road encounters. That weekend left me in awe of how God, in his grace, uses the least likely to show forth the wonder and power of his grace to transform lives. I still shake my head in disbelief at what God did that weekend and give Him praise for his special servant, Michael Franzese.
Cal Rychener, Senior Pastor
Northwoods Community Church
Scott did a great job! There were almost 400 in attendance and the crowd really enjoyed him! Not only did he bring great comedy but the depth he brought with the Gospel was excellent with around 20 accepting Christ and around 20 recommitting!!! I would highly recommend Scott and his comedy ministry! Thanks again Outreach Events and I will definitely contact you for future ministry opportunities!
Kurt Chaffee, Associate Pastor
New Song Community Church
Thanks again for sending us a comedian for our Easter service yesterday. As always he does a great job and had the right spirit for the right crowd. Lots of good comments and everyone had a good time. The interaction and illusions he chose worked perfectly with what we were doing. We had our highest attendance so far as a new church (326) and we are not quite 6 months old. I am glad there are resources out there like Outreach Comedy!
Rick Gunn, Senior Pastor
Solid Ground Christian Fellowship
Michael Franzese is the real deal and I mean that in every sense of the term. His testimony was genuine. We were a little concerned that maybe this guy fixed a few little league baseball games and was now parading around the country telling a mafia story. Not the case at all. Michael Franzese was truly a made member of organized crime. He is also now a “made” member of the family of God.

It is so inspiring to see a man to skip such great heights and embody such Christ-like humility. Michael had the heart of a servant and a level of honor for my wishes and concerns as a pastor that are very rare in a guest speaker. The day Michael spoke we had our highest attendance to date at Elevation church and the response was phenomenal. Many people gave their lives to Christ and we are still hearing great feedback about the “mafia man”. I highly recommend Michael; his ministry is unique and refreshing.
Steven Furtick, Senior Pastor
Elevation Church
Scott Wood was hilarious! He was truly a joy to partner with. Our first ever LOL Comedy Night was a smashing success . . . a packed sanctuary of people . . . many of them first time guests. In fact, we heard from several people that their friends were asking, "This is your church?" and "The people are so friendly?" and "They like to have fun together?" Thank you Outreach for giving us a venue to reach out to people and to build community!
Justin Farley
Maltby Christian Assembly
We were completely blessed to host a comedian from Outreach Events for the 15th anniversary of our church. The evening had a special touch with such a segment of humor, reality, and sheer hilarity. Gilbert's life stories and comical timing blend to reach people of various backgrounds while incorporating a message of hope, joy, and cultural acceptance.

While trying to contact new, fresh talent, I came across Outreach Events and it has been nothing short of a joy to work with. The efficiency and efficacy of the team is amazing! What a joy to work with Godly, honest people.
Bianca Juarez, Special Events
Calvary Chapel Montebello