Need a cost-effective way to reach your community? How do you choose the best tool when there's so much available? You might be surprised to know that a simple direct mail piece can out-perform TV, radio, newspaper, web, and e-mail advertising. Direct mail gets your church message into the hands of people who are the most likely to respond to your invitation.

Want proof? Here are ten reasons why direct mail is a powerful, cost-effective outreach tool.

High Saturation Less Competition Maximum Impact with Design and Message
Well-Defined Audience Customized Messages Longer Shelf Life A Multipurpose Medium Trackable Results Pairs Well With Other Tools Wise Stewardship
  1. High Saturation

    Not everyone browses the same websites or looks at the same social media channels. Not everyone watches TV or listens to the radio. But everyone gets mail. Physical mail has what marketers call a "near 100% saturation rate," meaning that there are very few people who never get a letter, bill, flyer, or catalog—mail reaches everyone.

  2. Less Competition

    How many ads do you see and hear every day? It's estimated that the average person ist bombarded with over 4,000 advertising messages every single day. That's a lot of information to process. Compare that to the number of items you receive in your mail box. Five, maybe 10 pieces max? Less competition means a higher rate of return on your message.

  3. Maximum Impact with Design and Messages

    Direct mail postcards capture people's attention in two ways: first with an eye-catching design that makes it stand out in the mail box, and then second with a customized message that gets straight to the point and is easy to read and understand. Combined, the design and message deliver a powerful connection with the recipient.

  4. Customized Messages

    You are in control—from the content to the call to action. With direct mail, you can craft a specific message promoting all your Holy Week events or just your Easter Sunday services. Plus you can also include your logo, invitation, contact information, address and even pictures. It’s yours to choose.

  5. Well-Defined Audience

    Direct mail allows you to target a very specific audience in a very specific location. People who live closer to your church are more likely to come and with direct mail you can target neighborhoods closer to your building. Social media and web advertising doesn’t reach every person who lives close to your church and doesn’t provide the close geographic touch you need.

  6. Longer Shelf Life

    Many of today's media messages are disposable. You hear or see them once, and then they're gone. Direct mail has a tendency to stick around—especially when coupled with an eye-catching design and encouraging messages. Include your website and service times, and your card may end up occupying a prominent place on the family bulletin board!

  7. A Multipurpose Medium

    Make your mail do double duty! Include a promotional offer with your direct mail message and you will see even better results. In addition to an invitation to church, invite people to bring in their postcard and exchange it for a free gift book.

  8. Trackable Results

    When you use direct mail, you know exactly how many people receive the message, the cost per piece, and the neighborhoods that were targeted. When combined with a free offer or coupon, you're also likely to see results in-person when people bring their postcards to claim their gift.

  9. Pairs Well With Other Tools

    Direct mail is a great way to introduce yourself to your neighbors and get them to visit. When you send postcards AND pair them with a coordinated outdoor banner, you attract people to your church and help them know they have found the right location. Then if you add a matching bulletin shell or indoor banners, it welcomes and continues to reinforce your messaging.

  10. Wise Stewardship

    Direct mail costs significantly less than other forms of advertising. Direct mail lets you choose a specific audience, target a specific number of recipients, and guarantees that your message gets in their hands. You have full control over budget and can scale your mailing accordingly. Direct mail is highly cost effective and is a great way to stretch your outreach dollars.